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Need some advice...keep new LG Ally or wait?

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by Gink, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. Gink

    Gink Well-Known Member
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    Feb 14, 2010
    Bronco Nation
    I feel a little pathetic for posting this but I need some help from my fellow Android users.

    Background: Been using Eris since Februray and LOVED it coming from BB Curve. My main gripe with the Eris is the actual "phone." The lag is awful and I've butt-dialed more times than I care to admit. I could go on and on about how awful it is but for those of you that have used one - you know what I'm talking about. My Eris has now been rooted and I'm using Dialer One as my default but it only helps slightly.

    I became eligible for an upgrade on June 1st and decided to give the new LG Ally a whirl. Now that I have it I can't decide if I should keep it, go for an HTC Inc, or wait until something else comes out.

    Here are my thoughts/wishes/desires:
    -I want a powerhouse phone but the Moto Droid and the HTC Inc are slightly larger in size than I like. I'm going to sound like a total girl when I say this, and I am, but I like the slightly smaller screen/profile size of the Eris and the Ally, although the Ally is a bit thicker. I carry my phone in my pocket rather than my handbag b/c I need to have instant access to my phone at any given moment due to some health challenges my son has. So....physical profile is huge. This is a problem at the moment b/c it seems that many of the phones of the future are only getting larger - like the Moto Shadow.

    -The phone on the Ally blows the Eris out of the water. There doesn't seem to be any lag and it's so much more reliable than the Eris. This reason alone makes the Ally more attractive...it's just the other specs on the Ally that aren't all that fabulous.

    -The virtual keyboard on the Ally sucks but the hard keyboard is nice. Finally found a version of Swype that works but it's still not as great as the Eris. I find myself using the hard keyboard way more often than I should have to simply b/c the virtual one sucks. Truth be told I could live without a keyboard. I also miss the trackball on the Eris, believe it or not - sure made it easy to correct typing mistakes in a snap. I love the physical buttons on both phones.

    -The speed of the Ally is really lacking, IMO, for a newer Android Device. I can put it side-to-side with my Eris and it's no competition. The Eris is smooth and quick and the Ally is slower and very choppy in comparison.

    So....in a nutshell that is my dilemma. Not sure if I should a) keep the Ally, b) ditch it and use the Eris for awhile longer, or c) trade the Ally in for the Inc even though the Inc is larger than I'd prefer. Does the Inc have the horrible dialer lag or has that been fixed with the faster processor? Does the Inc have the same signal problems that the Eris has?


    I've have googled upcoming Verizon devices and can't find much other than the Shadow or the Droid 2 and neither of those is small enough profile for me. It's what will come after that that I'm curious about....Will they continue to stay large or will some smaller (but equally fast) models be released?


  2. yellowfrizbee

    yellowfrizbee Well-Known Member

    May 4, 2010
    Thats funny, im doing almost the same thing as you but the lg ally is my eris so to speak. The ally is not my target phone, its actually just an android device to hold me over until my ideal device comes along (I didnt have an android device before this one!!). You see, I didnt sign a 2 year contract. Just for that reason, of course; never did I have any intentions of holding onto the phone and making it my primary android device.

    However, that said, I love the thing. Its treated me so well thus far. No complaints! I havnt seen any lag at all on my device (see my vid in "lg feedback" thread. Not even the lag that was seen in reviewer vids. So if you liked your eris better, id say go with that and wait it out with me :D! Ill keep you company in the long grueling impatient waiting game.

    There are so many game changing phones coming out this year and beginning of next year that would just kick the DIs ass. So thats just my 2 cents. If ya care, I originally have been waiting for the HTC Desire in the States but now my eyes are on the Vision. Damn though, with all these new great phones coming out though, Ive got alot of options to weigh!! :p

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