Help need some advice on finding an app or test.


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My phone has been slow then started stopping by it self when I am recording. or taking two to three attempts to get it to respond to a command. I have since done a factory reset which fixed the camcorder problem but still lagging between screens scrolling jumps all over and screens don't pop up like they used to. Now since the factory reset I have only reinstalled watch dog and linpack (which i just found) and according to the benchmark test i'm at 34 flops in 2.60 sec. Thats horrible compared to some videos i'v watched on You Tube! Is there any other apps like this one to help me narrow down the problem so I can get my phone fast again?

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34 is pretty good for a stock evo. The higher scores are typically rooted evos. My evo stock ran 29-30

Is your phone rooted?
I am going to guess not and suggest you run through all of the system updates checking for updates. Mainly prl, profile and htc software. Also download spare parts from the market. When you open it there are some optioned to change animations to" fast"

Make sure you have things like 4g and wifi off when not in use

Downloadband install spare parts


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board going through some posts I made when I started my smart phone venture

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