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Need some advice

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by ManiacMagoo, Nov 28, 2009.

  1. ManiacMagoo

    ManiacMagoo Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Ok first of all I have read a ton of threads and most turn to bs shortly after starting. I am a Storm 1 user first of all. I had my original till a month ago when the screen went south. Im on my 3rd one now since then and it is the worst yet as of hardware issues. Now I love my Storm still with its issues but I text a lot and my last one is aggrivating at best. I asked this on the S2 forum but no response.

    Now I have been offered my early upgrade on my account which I was looking at the droid. Upon calling tonight was offered a S2 to replace my S1 for free. Now I love the way the Storm feels in my hand. So if your intent is to destroy my thread stay out.

    I use yahoo email, I know droid don't like it. I text a lot normally over 4000 a month which I have enjoyed on my S1 once I learned the touch screen. Again Ive had the S1 since release. I don't run many app's really. Just use Facecall, BBlight, and screenlock. So app's aren't that huge on my front. My brother switched from his S1 to droid and swears by it but he is younger which could be why. I will be tethering my phone a lot as that is how I get internet in college. My brother tested tethering and swears the Droid is faster then the S1 but has anyone tried this with the S2?

    Here are my likes and dislikes for both:


    Love the google navigation I travel a lot
    like the browsing speed and scroll of the screen.
    other then that I havent played much with it
    heard the mms show up in the text links which would be nice at times
    reboot time after a battery pull

    How it feels but that could be just getting use to it like the S1


    I love how my S1 feels in hand
    I like having my yahoo emails on my phone instantly and most times beating my laptop lol
    I enjoy texting on it
    I love the adjustibility I have with setting up my user and message ringtones


    when I tried loading apps the memory leak on my S1 was horrible
    I hate the reboot times after battery pulls on the S1
    I hate going online with my BB and didn't care for Opera Mini much either

    As you can tell I don't use my BB for buisness features. I'm just trying to get some knowledge because if I go S2 I won't be able to upgrade till November 2010 and I know there are those who have used both side by side and hoping for their opinions before I go either way. Please don't turn this into a wasted thread like the others I have read over the last week while searching on this.

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  2. ManiacMagoo

    ManiacMagoo Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I asked the Rep about the 30 day replacement last night and was told it didnt apply in my case as they are offering it as a replacement to my S1 for free which is why I wanted to ask for opinions.
  3. Josh0187

    Josh0187 Member

    I was plying with a friends S2 and if you ask me the Droid is far and above amazing.

    I use a free tethering app so I don't have to pay for the tethering option.

    That and it is amazingly responsive.
  4. ManiacMagoo

    ManiacMagoo Lurker
    Thread Starter

    yeah I have played with both. Naturally the S2 felt more comfortable because the Droid is alien to me lol. I verified that if I took the S2 there is no return policy since it would be a direct replacement for my S1.

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