Jun 5, 2014
Hi all,

I have a Commando, C771, phone that is stuck in boot loop. When it boots up

it freezes during the animation and the "O" from G'zOne is on the screen. Then it reboots. Sometimes the sound plays with the animation but mostly it doesn't. When off and plugged in to charge, the charging battery and % shows.

The phone is supposed to be rooted, and when I go into factory reset the first white encryption

warning screen comes up. When I hit the button the yellow screen comes up.

Then when I press the key to continue, it reboots and I get the

box/arrow/android guy on screen, then a loading progress bar shows up, then

it reboots back into boot loop.

This phone is not mine, and the owner can't tell me much about what

happened to cause the phone to go into loop in the first place. It maybe a virus or maybe a file got deleted or corrupted? I do know that he has backups (titanium, titanium online, and some other backup program.

Is there any way to revive this phone? I'm pretty new at dealing with phones so

any help is appreciated. :thinking: