Root Need some help post-root...."newbie" nervous to use phone, LOL


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I rooted last night using mkbkr1's Guide to Rooting w/o Computer, and I posted about my experience (nerve-wracking, LOL) at the end of that thread, plus some questions. But traffic there was nonexistent today, so I need to ask just a couple questions so I can move on in the process.

I just want to be sure I don't do anything to mess up my phone. (Thanks so much to everyone from the Rooting w/o Computer thread and all the other great people on this forum who have helped me so far!)

According to the instructions, I did this: "Before starting, go to setting-applications make sure unknown sources is checked, this will allow you install Gingerbreak from you sd card, then click on development and turn on usb debugging."

1) Now that I have successfully rooted, may I uncheck those boxes?

2) How do I ever get back into that recovery boot menu? Why and when would I need to do that? EDIT: and, how do I know that my backup even worked? Where would I see it and how would I ever use it if needed?

3) I now want to use a brand new 16 gb class 6 sd card. Can I do that without messing up my phone now that the root/recovery files are on my original 2gb sd card that I used last eve?
In other words, what about those files that are on my stock I still need them? Should I copy that stuff onto my computer?
My recovery backup is on that stock card I used for the root. What happens when I replace with the new card? Do I need to do the recovery backup again on that card? Will switching cards mess me up now?

4) Per "optional" instructions in the rooting guide, I deleted app "gingerbreak" from app drawer after rooting. But in androzip, I still see gingerbreak on the sd card. Does this matter? Should I delete it? How?

5) I did not install Rom was not in the OP instructions. Do I need it? why/why not?

EDIT: 6) I think i have xionia recovery. what if i want a ROM that requires clockwork? can i switch recoveries? how?

OK, that is the selection of my most pressing questions post-root. I hope it is OK that I copied these from my other post in the aforementioned thread...and added a couple new questions. I'm just afraid to move forward and do anything with the phone until I understand all those issues.

Thanks so much for your time and help!!!


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Ok, let's try to take them in order.
1. Yes, you can now uncheck the install from unknown sources. You will only need this if you download and install an app from somewhere other than the android market. You no longer need to have USB debugging turned on, that was only for the root process.

2. To get into your recovery you can either go to the Terminal Emulator (terminal) and type in reboot recovery (make sure you have a # first, if it is a $ then just type su ), or you can turn the phone off by long pressing the power button. Then press and hold the power, home and volume down button until the LG logo appears then release all three.
You use the recovery to install a ROM, and backup or restore your system.
You can use androzip to look at your sd card. Open the clockworkmod folder, you will see another folder named backup. Your backup is there, saved with a long number starting with the date you created it. This should be the backup you made of the stock system you made just after rooting. You can use the restore function in recovery to put it back on your phone should something go wrong with the installation of a new rom. Think of it as a safety net.

3. It is a good idea to back up your card ( or at least your nandroid backup) to your computer, just as another safety net.
To swap your sd cards, copy all folders and files on your card to your computer, place the new card in your phone, then copy the files to the new card. This puts all files from your old card on your new card. Also, while you are copying the old card to your computer, if you want to delete any unneeded files ( the gingerbreak.apk for example) you can just delete them then.

5. No, you do not need rom manager.

6. If you decide to flash a Gingerbread rom like one the IHO variants, look back at my original post in the Guide to Rooting Without a Computer. I have added a flashable zip recovery for CWM (gingerbread and Harmonia 1.5E) and xionia (all 2.2 froyo roms). You can flash it from your recovery, just boot into your recovery and select install zip from sd card and choose the recovery you want to flash (do not unzip it). This just makes it a little easier than typing commands in terminal.

Hope this answers some of your questions.


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It does, thanks so much! Just for clarification:

when I completed the rooting process per your instructions, did I end up with the xionia recovery on my phone? I used the recovery that was part of the three zipped files in the download at the bottom of your post...I only clicked on that first download link. I did get the reboot to recovery and did the backup, so I assume I am backed up...just want to understand which backup recovery I have currently on there.

I'm assuming from what you said above (regarding copying the old card to the new card) that I need those files that I used for the root and should keep them on my cards?
EDIT: I plugged my phone into my computer and copied the "clockworkmod" folder onto my hard drive, so is my mac now in possession of a "backup" of my phone?

I am still a bit fuzzy on why if I uninstalled gingerbreak from the app manager it is still showing on the sd card.

You said I can use androzip to look at my sd card and look in the clockworkmod folder...I'll try to find that...but I'm curious why I would have a clockworkmod folder if I didn't download the CWM recovery? EDIT: scratch that...I was able to go in to androzip and found "clockworkmod" ... it must be named that regardless of the recovery used?

Finally, is androzip a file manager and sufficient for that purpose? Or would i need to download a separate file manager?

Sorry if any of those questions seem redundant or ridiculous!! LOL Thanks SO much for your time! Cheers!


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The only thing you uninstalled was the app. To uninstall the rest you need to use a file manager and delete the exploit installer from the sd card.

If you want the best file manager download SuperManager. Keep andro zip as well as it's the best unzipper I've seen.

No matter what recovery you have installed(the CWMod recovery's is the best for Gingerbread ROM'S) keep the xionia recovery on the sd card as it has an option in the advanced section that will fix a recovery loop.


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I'm almost afraid to ask, LOL...but what is a recovery loop?

Thanks much!!
That's where your phone continualy boots into your recovery then tries to boot into your system,then boots into your recovery,and on and on.

It can also just allow you to boot into your recovery no matter what you try. Xionia will fix this too,using the fix recovery loop option in the advanced section of the menu.