Need some help


Hi everyone.. so i have a problem which is that my htc evo 3d keeps breaking.

My local phone store where i bought the phone from have offered me the samsung galaxy s2,htc one s,htc sensation and the sony ericsson ray as replacement phones.

i dont know to much about these phones so if any one could help with what phone is the best out of all of these. it would be much appreciated. also if there are any other phones with similar specs that would be useful to get, could you please let me know what they are



pain rustique
Personally, of the bunch, I'd choose the One S. It's the latest of the bunch.
The Ray is pretty dated and with only 512Mb of RAM, it's not going to keep up with the rest. The SGS2 is still a beast of a phone, would be my second choice. The Sensation has been upgraded to ICS, but comes with quite a few bugs.
The One S, while not as fantastic as the One X with its screen runs one of my favorite ICS skins and has the specs to keep it running through the rest of your contract.