Feb 17, 2010
Bristol, TN
I am switching to Verizon very soon and am going back to Android. I have three phones narrowed down based on prices, reviews and friends:
Droid X
HTC Incredible
Samsung Fascinate
I realize that the HTC Thunderbolt is just around the corner but the above phones can be had for great prices on both Amazon and Wirefly. I have been doing research for the past two weeks and those phones are what I have narrowed down to be my final three. As of now I really like the Droid X, but I'm looking to hear from this group of Android users on their thoughts, experiences and complaints. :thinking:
You're likely to hear this a million times but it really comes down to preference.

I own the Droid X and I love my phone. I got it mainly because of the large screen so I could read things better as that is what I do the most. Like buying a TV I think that screen size is the single biggest factor in purchasing a phone because it affects how portable it is.

The incredible is a good phone but personally I never had any attraction to it. I've had lots of friends that have liked it but honestly that phone is rapidly reaching EOL (end of life,) if it hasn't already in the coming months and I believe it won't receive any more Android updates.

Something else to consider about the fascinate is that it is running android 2.1 which is now two versions old. At least the Droid X has 2.2 and may possibly get 2.3 due to its continued popularity.

You can get a better idea of Droid X user's thoughts in in this thread.

Also if you drop your phone or worry about it breaking the Droid X is considerably better made than most phones especially the Samsung fascinate.

The biggest selling point for the fascinate is the vibrancy in the screen due to Samsung's OMOLED display. OMOLED displays are notoriously deceitful in that they don't accurately represent the subject's original saturation and complexity, instead adding a certain degree of "warmth" through what some believe to be oversaturation. Some like the screen some don't, you'll have to see what you like the most.

Also, as I said in the beginning screen size is a HUGE deal for most people. The Droid X is thinner than the Fascinate and has a .3" larger screen. The difference between the two however is minute.

Anyways, best of luck. Sorry I don't have much info to offer on the Incredible, but sadly I don't think there is anything worth mentioning for this phone that makes it stand out against modern competitors, especially when signing a new contract.
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Thanks Deftdrummer, I was already favoring the DX and I have the chance to get it for $30 on Amazon and I was looking for real world users like you to share experiences.
I would say go for it then. You're leaning that way, many many DX users are satisfied and it consistently gets 4.5 stars on most review sites. There's something for everyone in the Droid X. Not to mention you will get the unlimited data package at $30, which may be going away very soon =)

An addendum to my earlier post; the Fascinate has seen numerous 2.2 delays but it only recently just leaked online, it hasn't been released officially. I have a feeling this phone will be riding the hurt train for some time.

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If you go with the Incredible, I don't think Best Buy can be beat. It is free, on the spot, no rebates or anything. Girlfriend is getting her incredible tomorrow ;)
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You're right, that is an awesome deal for the Incredible. I have pretty much narrowed my selections to the DX and Incredible as of now. I am still looking at the comparison videos on youtube. This is a really tough decision. I am a fan of the HTC sense but I have heard bad things about the battery life. I guess you have to take the good with the bad.