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Hi, my name is Mubeen and I'm a new user here so I'll be careful around here.

I got a Nubia M2 yesterday that was FRP locked and me and my friend tried many ways to bypass it. The most popular way I could find on YouTube was with the TalkBack settings and stuff but with Android updates I guess they removed some features. I got close to a couple videos which could've gotten me access to the YT app but I just got the error saying JavaScript needs to be enabled to view the video. UGH

The most easiest I saw was an application called Shortcut Master which you put onto a USB drive, plug it in the phone with an OTG adapter and it should give a popup saying to open the flash drive contents, and then you install the app as usual and it does it's bypass thing. But when I tried it, the popup wouldn't even show up.

Anyways, I tried many flash tools like FeraguKey to remove FRP, and I also was thinking about instaling TWRP Recovery but I need ADB and an Unlocked Bootloader to do so - which I don't have access to enable.

Is there any way I could enable ADB and an Unlocked Bootloader while FRP locked?
If not, is there any way to remove FRP with/without computer that ADB and an UB isn't required?

Any help/suggestions would be great :)
Thanks for taking the time to read this thread,


DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!
you can't bypass frp. even if you could we can't discuss it here. frp is there for a purpose which is to protect the phone from theives. not saying you are one, but how do we truly know? if you got the phone (from who knows where), it is most likely stolen.....and probably has been reported so the imei is most likely blacklisted anyways.

and as you are finding out you can't root the phone that has been frp locked.......sorry but i think you are sol.


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