Root Need to Clear Phone for Re-sale

So since I just got the galaxy s3 its time so say bye bye to my Ascend.

I have it rooted with CM7 but I want to clear out anything unnecessary for re-sale.

What is the easiest way to do this?


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Well if he's with metro he can call *228 and have it activated from there or on the website. Transfer his service from the old phone to the new one. While its on cm7 :p


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Ok thanks for having patience with a newbie lol... I am a little lost....

If I were to sell this phone to someone else as it is now... rooted with CM7... They can not have it work with MetroPCS just by signing up for a phone number?


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Custom ROMs can break functionality built into the dialer for activation. I had the same problem trying to activate my HTC Droid Incredible with Metro, everything was in order but the phone would not work. I had to flash to a complete stock ROM, then when I called Metro for the 4th time, as soon as I got off the phone to put the HTC on my account, a bunch of activation notices popped up, then the phone rebooted, and suddenly, SERVICE!

Take a chance if you want, but you should flash back to stock to avoid problems. Oh, and you CAN activate while running PlayfulMod, proven by my mother in law taking my old Ascend with PM on it, and getting her own service started.