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Need to Decide for App Development: OS?, Version?, Tablet?

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by Vikks9, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. Vikks9

    Vikks9 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi Android Experts/Advisors!

    We are planning to get into Mobile Apps Development, and for that we need to freeze of the following to begin with:
    1. Which OS?
      I felt that Android could be the one seeing the trend and popularity. Please confirm or suggest other with reasons?
    2. Which Version of the chosen OS?
      I was thinking of Android 2.3 because I read that due to fragmentation related concerns, it's better to go with a Version that meets the needs, and go for a higher version if the need is not getting met with the previous versions. Please confirm or suggest other with reasons?
    3. Which Tablet that is best for the chosen OS version?
      I've still to decide on this. As there are so many critierias that matter: Features, Cost, Size, Maintainability, Scalability, Compatibility, Migration, etc.
    Would appreciate if I can get the precise answer to the above 3 questions, with a brief reason to justify the recommended choice. Thanks in advance.

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  2. rgaiken

    rgaiken Lurker

    Android is the cheapest (and in my opinion the easiest) platform to get in on app development. iOS, you need a Mac with their latest OS installed, then fork over $100 a year to get your apps on the market (vs Android's $25 one-time fee to get your developer name on the market)

    As far as OS/Tablet goes, I'd recommend starting off just using the android simulator (free with the download of android's ADK), unless you have some specific reason for needing a physical device (e.g. multitouch). You can even simulate stuff like GPS locations and other sensor inputs. Then you can emulate whatever version of the OS you want...
  3. 1) I'm new to Android development, but I'm pretty pleased so far. It only costs $25 to get in and has a huge user base. It's hard to beat that.

    2) I'd target as low as I could if I were you, but I'd especially try to get down to 2.2. See here for why: Platform Versions | Android Developers
  4. elusivestars

    elusivestars Newbie

    Although I agree Android is an easier learning curve and probably cheaper. iOS seems to have a market where its users are more willing to spend money buying Apps.

    Depending on the type of Apps you plan on developing, cross platform development is quickly becoming a viable option.

    Regarding test devices emulators is great for initial development. At a certain point you may want to validate on real devices and you should try (this is a plug) elusivestars.com. You can select how many and which type based on OS, Manufacturer, Brand, Tablet, rooted...
  5. noonehereyet

    noonehereyet No One...

    If your developing in android the AVD can run all builds of the OS so it's best to cross test backwards and forwards. (see below image) you can also modify the resolution to test on different screen sizes... and I would recommend getting a couple of different devices from different manufacturers or finding people you trust with different devices for actually testing before releasing the beta. If you need help or want some simple sample projects to learn from feel free to pm me I'll help where I can.


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