Mar 26, 2022
I gave my old Samsung S10+ phone to my high functioning downs syndrome brother so we could stay in contact and it is a phone i know inside and out. Or i thought i did!
We check it regularly just to be sure he us not goingbto the wrong places on internet etc.
However the last time i checked i found an app icon i have never seen before on the apps opened area. I clicked on it and got a message saying "please wait your instant download is processing now" followed by "we're sorry something has gone wrong. Please try again". I looked through the apps imstalled and could not find an app with anything similar. I have had to remove the phone from him until i can verify he has not gotten an app or anything else that, either on purpose or accident, can cause issues. Please look at the icon below and messages. Let me know if there is a spot i can look in the phone that might show what apo its attached too. Or if someone might recognize it please please let me know!
Screenshot_20220319-153615_Video Player.jpg
Screenshot_20220319-153609_Video Player.jpg
Screenshot_20220319-153600_Video Player.jpg
Screenshot_20220319-153542_Video Player.jpg
Screenshot_20220319-153504_Video Player.jpg
Screenshot_20220319-153504_Video Player.jpg
I don't suppose you can show us the actual icon? It's not clear from the screenshots which icon it is.

My guess is that he's come across something called "instant apps". Search the settings for "instant" and you should get an entry for "Google Play Instant". It's probably turned on by default, though I turn it off myself. It is a standard Android feature, not something nefarious pushed to his phone, so you don't need to panic, but I'm personally unconvinced it is a net benefit so just disable it.
Nice! Thank you very much. You were right on the money.

I have one more i found today mixed in with the sms text messaging. Since that was easy i would hope you guys would know this one maybe too?