Help Need to root/CWM with no USB access and little battery..

Ok, so my friend got into a bit of a predicament, not sure what she did, but somehow got what looks to be a bad firmware update, she was trying to root or something.

So, here is what happens, when the phone is actually on, it says connect your charger and shuts off pretty quick, it just isn't charging, and when I try ODIN in download mode, it doesn't see the phone, I had thought faulty usb port on the phone.. but, if it shuts off due to battery and you plug it in, it will turn on, and it can sit in recovery or download mode all night, a few times it had charged up, finally when it is off and plugged in, it does a repeating flash on the screen, like a charging notice. SO I think its firmware or something related. Also, if I do a factory reset, I get the battery charge working again for a bit at least.

What I want to do is root it and get cwm on it so I can flash the rom and see if this fixes it. However, when I copy the files to the external SD card via my sd slot on my laptop, it either cant see the files or it wont run them, like the I think it has to be on the internal card.

When I go into recovery, it goes to manual mode, and a csc install, then it can't access /system, and on occasion a i get the white triangle ! with the android guy.

So any ideas?


Dr. Feelgood
Does the manufacturer provide the factory images? If so, I'd focus on installing that rather than trying to root an already botched root.