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Need to unroot EVO 4g to activate

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by havasubud, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. havasubud

    havasubud Newbie
    Thread Starter

    So heres the deal. I bought a new EVO 4g from a guy for a Christmas present. He rooted it but never activated it. I called the esn into Sprint which they said was clean and never was active so I knew the phone was new. The problem is that he rooted it with Cockworkmod and has MIUI on it(which I dont know what that is) Android version 2.3.5, baseband version Kernel version shade@toxygene #1 Sat pr 30 04:36:42 EDT 2011 Build number MIUI-108260. I spent an hour on the phone with Sprint, and they couldnt get the phone to activate. So last night, I was able to get the S-on back on, but when I tried to flash the stock RUU, it would not load and I can not get it back to stock. Im not good at this so if I could get instructions in layman terms it would be great. on the boot screen I have SUPERSONIC VT SHIP S-ON HBOOT- MICROP-f TOUCH PANEL-ATMEL_16ab RADIO- Mar 8 2011, 17:02:15.


    PS I already did everything on the videos, just cant get it done.

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  2. ndh777

    ndh777 Android Expert

    When dealing with sprint, do not let them know that the phone is rooted or hacked or modded or anything. They get really jumpy when they hear those words and demand a change before activation and will actually void warranties if phone is found to be rooted. But sprint can't find out unless you tell them or show them in person.

    To unroot or to flash another rom that's different than miui, you will need to redo the rooting process or part of it to get s-off. There is a file that you upload before turning on s-on.

    I'm on my phone so i can't link but if you go to the evo 4g all things root forum, check the first sticky about rooting for dummies which has a detailed way of unrooting. Its about the easiest thing you will ever do in rooting taking 15 mins usually.

    If that process doesn't work, use that same sticky to reroot the phone then begin the unrooting process.

    By enabling s-on, you've turned back on the security which doesnt allow changes to the system such as switching from miui.
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  3. youdoofus

    youdoofus Android Expert



    yay! i have s-off but what if i need to get my phone serviced? or i hate all this rooting business and i want to go back to my boring gingerbread phone. how do i get s-on?

    to get s-on
    1.download this file:PC36IMG6.17.zip
    2.rename the file by deleting the numbers so that it is only PC36IMG and do not add any zip to the name as windows hides extensions.
    3.transfer the zip file to the root of the sd card.
    4.power off (make sure that fastboot is turned off) then press and hold power+vol down.
    5.hboot should scan for it. select yes to update.
    6.reboot your phone

    next we need to get a stock rom and stock recovery
    7.download this file:PC36IMG_SuperSonic_GB_Sprint_WWE_4.53.651.1_Radio_
    8.rename the file to PC36IMG. again make sure that you do not add a zip as windows hides extensions.
    9.connect your phone via usb to the pc and transfer the file over to the root of the sd card. also delete the previous PC36IMG file. make sure that you do not get the two files mixed up as they will be named the same.
    10.power off then press and hold power+vol down.
    11.hboot should see the file and will ask you to update, select yes.
    12.verify that you have s-on by going to the hboot screen.

    if you have s-on then congrats you are now unrooted!

    you can also use this ruu:[ROM]RUU_SuperSonic_GB_Sprint_WWE_4.53.651.1_Radio_2.15 .00.0808_NV_2.15_releaseto get you the latest ota stock rom and stock recovery. just connect the phone via usb and run the exe file on your computer.
  4. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!

    hold on guys, lets not unroot it yet. the phone does not have to be unrooted toget the phone activated. all it will need is to flash to a sense rom. unless the op really wants the phone to be unrooted then follow youdoofus's post.

    try this rom out:
    MikG v3.0 [12/17/2011]

    it is mikg3.0 and it is really awesome. it is a stock rom but it has sense 2.1 and sense 3.0 cooked in. it is designed to be vary fast and it is very stable.

    use the http://androidforums.com/evo-4g-all...ooting-dummies-guide-gingerbread-edition.html. there is a section on how to flash roms. please read it. also before you flash the rom make sure that you make a nandroid backup, there is a section on how to do that.
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  5. jackgibbs

    jackgibbs Android Enthusiast

    +1 for ocnbrze. I was just going to suggest the same thing. you have to be on a sense-based rom to use the hands free activation, use the reset gps trick, update prl/profile etc.
  6. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood

    This man speaks the truth.

    No reason to unroot.
  7. youdoofus

    youdoofus Android Expert

    I dont think anyone should unroot unless absolutely necessary, i was merely providing the location of the requested info and the info itself :) i shoulda given 2 or 3 cents worth of my thoughts as well...
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  8. STYX

    STYX Newbie

    i just unrooted my evo but S is still OFF any ideas??
  9. argedion

    argedion The TechnoFrog

    if s=off you are still rooted. you can activate the phone with out having to unroot. Just put a sense rom on it and you should be able to activate it.
  10. Granite1

    Granite1 Zercron Encrusted Tweezer

    Make sure the rom is based off a Sprint device. ;) If you have a sense 3.5 rom, you can't activate it because it isn't based off of a Sprint phone.

    Like Ocn stated above, try it with MikG 3.0. The epst codes are left in by aamikam on purpose. It'll work. :)
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  11. STYX

    STYX Newbie

    i dk if i will able to reflash any new rom because i am already unrooted on stock rom but S still off!?
  12. STYX

    STYX Newbie

    i dont need to activate phone i need to unroot it!!!
  13. Granite1

    Granite1 Zercron Encrusted Tweezer

    oooo, ok, my bad :)

    You need to flash a recovery again, to get the S-ON tool to work. Go here and download this file, rename to exactly PC36IMG, place on root of SD card, flash from hboot:

    Then download this file and flash from recovery:

    Once this is flashed you should have s-on. Delete the Recovery PC36IMG file you flashed earlier. Download the RUU from here, rename to exactly PC36IMG and place this one on the root of your SD card, flash from hboot:
    Free File Hosting, Online Storage &amp File Upload with FileServe

    This should unroot your phone with the stock recovery and rom.
  14. youdoofus

    youdoofus Android Expert

  15. Granite1

    Granite1 Zercron Encrusted Tweezer

    Hmmm, will this work with the stock recovery?

    I really need to unroot and try this.:eek:

    Thanks for the suggestion YD. If this works we may be able to start using this instead of the old unroot steps. ;)
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  16. STYX

    STYX Newbie

    ok cool thanks!!! appreciate that!!!
  17. STYX

    STYX Newbie

    cuz i need to return phone cuz is freezing and cutting off and dont have reception tho
  18. youdoofus

    youdoofus Android Expert

    gotcha. but man, i think we can fix it if you are willing to give us a chance:D I have crappy sprint service, so i flashed the verizon prl. And i think that theres a fix for your freezing issue can be easily resolved. Its up to you tho. Just let us know, and we'd be glad to help ya out
  19. STYX

    STYX Newbie

    ok thanks!!!
  20. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!

    also if you could keep us updated. i would like to know how the htc unroot goes for you.
  21. jakolyn

    jakolyn Lurker

    does anyone have a stock rom link that is working? the ones above don't appear to be up anymore. I'm in a similar situation as the person who started this thread. my brother gave me his evo, but it is rooted with miui on it. i need to undo that so i cant get it activated. I've already tried just flashing a new sense rom as also suggested above ...but no luck. I'm really not savy with this rooting stuff at all but i've been reading threads the last two days and i think if i can get a new stock rom from someone that it'll be pretty set. Thanks for any help!
  22. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood

    [ROM] 4.67 - Rooted - Optimized - Sharing means caring - xda-developers

    All you need is a sense-based ROM to activate it.

    Are you wiping the partitions before flashing it in recovery?
    You should at LEAST be wiping data, cache, dalvik cache & system before flashing it. I would recommend manually wiping everything except for the SD card.

    Also, what recovery is on the phone? (It will say in the bottom left when you boot into recovery)
  23. RN-Dude

    RN-Dude Lurker

    Is there another way to activate it on the other account without using this EPST? Or is it possible to add on just epst.apk without flashing a whole new ROM? The phone has a Mik ROM on it but I sent it to another city far away and I'm trying to help someone activate it who has never flashed a ROM before. I'm hoping I don't need to just have him send it back.
  24. Mikestony

    Mikestony ~30% Carbon Black ±
    VIP Member

    Do you remember which version of Mik is on it?
    Don't know if you can or can't install the epst.apk alone or not:thinking:
  25. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!

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