Need two apps so I can possibly ditch the iTouch


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Long story short, I foolishly upgraded my iTouch from 3.1.3 to 4.0. The iTouch is now buggy, doesn't work, crashes, unresponsive, etc...... Anyway, I'm tempted to just sell the stupid thing and transition over to my DInc as my only device if I can't figure out how to downgrade the stupid thing. The issue is with three different apps I run on the iTouch that I haven't yet found comparable counterparts for on the DInc.

1. 2Do lite - Basically it's a to do list, but you can see from the screenshots how slick it looks. Yes, I admit I'm enamored by shiny things, but I really dig how it functions as well. I've messed with Astrid, but don't like it as well. I have recurring tasks as well as the odds and ends tasks and sometimes have projects I work on that have multiple tasks involved in them. For example, cleaning the house may be broken down into vacuuming, dishes, laundry, trash, etc.... I need an app that looks shiny like this one does, but is also as functional. The ability to sync on-line is not a huge deal, but would be a decent bonus. I can't do it with the iPhone app I'm using.

2. TripCubby - This is a mileage tracking app that I use and abuse on a daily basis for work. It's very, very simple to use. You put in your starting point (which it saves a list of for future use), your destination (which it also saves), your starting mileage and your ending mileage. It calculates your mileage and how much you're owed. I really, really, really, really need an app that can do this. I would absolutely love it if it were GPS based and would love it more if it would automatically sync on-line. Ideally, I'd like an app that has a home screen widget with it. You click the widget when you're leaving and click it again when you get there. That's a perfect world scenario though. My only issue I can anticipate with using GPS vs actual mileage is that I think GPS finds location based on how the crow flies, not necessarily on how long the roads are between points.

I've linked to the apps in question so you can see screenshots of what I'm looking for. Any suggestions? I'm willing to pay for either of these apps if they're reasonably priced and offer the functionality I'm looking for.