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Need your advice about the Droid...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Droidn00b, Nov 29, 2009.

  1. Droidn00b

    Droidn00b Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I had trouble with my Droid. People couldn't hear me on calls and I was having a hard time keeping a signal. Sometimes I'd lose my Internet connection and I thought it was Verizon's network.

    I tried wireless Internet with Alltel a couple of years ago before getting DSL for my PC. At the time, I had good cell phone reception. The Net connection was terribly slow and I assumed I was in a bad coverage area for WiFi.

    Verizon bought Alltel, as you probably know. My old phone stopped holding a charge and I was told that I couldn't keep my Alltel plan if I got a new phone. The problem is that Verizon's charging $30 more for the same amount of minutes plus $30 for the unlimited data plan. I couldn't justify paying that much for service I wasn't getting so I had to take the Droid back. My two year contract was terminated because I hadn't had the phone for 30 days. I was on a month to month plan before getting the Droid. It's the only Verizon phone I like.

    I've switched to AT&T. Their coverage is even worse! I really like my iPhone but I'm missing the Droid. Perhaps my Droid was defective. I'm still on the 30 day trial with the iPhone.

    Should I switch back to Verizon? Several people have posted that the Droid is the best phone they've ever had and it's getting good reviews. I don't really need all the minutes I had on the Alltel plan so I could save the extra $30 and have my minutes cut in half.

    Also, Vcast with Rhapsody is $14.99 per month. I didn't have to pay for that subscription the first time around. ???

    Thanks in advance. :)

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  2. nateo200

    nateo200 Android Enthusiast

    Get the droid. Verizon is expensive because there coverage is amazing. You might have had a phone with a weaker radio because literally everywhere I get verizon coverage rarely does it drop to 1xRTT or drop calls. Check there coverage maps on there website though.
  3. Droidn00b

    Droidn00b Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the reply. I have trouble making decisions. The speed isn't always 3G in my town but that's better than AT&T's speed. I'm constantly on the Edge network here with my iPhone. :)
  4. gschechter

    gschechter Lurker

    VCast is not available on the Droid. The only smart phone that supports VCast is the HTCImagio(windows).

    How much is the iPhone costing you compared to the Droid? Then compared to what you had to pay alltell? I'd call up VZW and see if they will put you on a nationwide loyalty plan that matches your old alltell plan then add the data package and ship you a droid.
  5. Papacat

    Papacat Lurker

    Honestly, anything you can do to get off the ATT network, I would strongly advise doing it. For quality of network (especially roaming all over the USA), there is no beating VZW. I know they can be pricey, but consider the following:

    1. Top or 2nd-from top customer service in almost every cell phone ranking (ATT usually ranks low on these). JDPower, Consumer Reports, etc.

    2. Retroactive plan changes to cover overages. If you know you have gone over or will go over on txts or minutes one month, you can call or go onto the web and have your plan changed to cover those overages, as long as you do it before your bill processes. That means when I have high txt usage months, I just switch to a higher txt msg plan for that month and switch back next month. I can do this even if I am already over my limit for that month (as long as the bill has not yet processed).

    3. Amazing network coverage and service. I get a signal everwhere. 3g in tons of places. 1x everywhere else. At last year's Bonnaroo music festival I had speedy 3g all weekend (100k+ people descend on a farm in TN for 4 days). How? VZW rolled out mobile tower trucks to provide extra coverage for their customers for the weekend. They are that good. I *never* drop calls (ok, maybe once or twice a YEAR) and I travel all over the US. My calls sound as good as land-line calls.

    4. Hassle-free equipment returns. I buy my eqpt. usually through their phone or online service. I had two Omnias fail (uhg). They replaced both with no questions asked, paid shipping both ways, etc. They sent me the new one via overnight or 2day air and then I sent back the broken one.

    Also, if you work for a large corporation, university, or a government agency, odds are good you could qualify for a 10-20% discount off your monthly plan charges for voice and data (I get 19% as a state university employee).

    That said, I think there are very few excellent devices available through VZW. The Droid is definitely the best Android one for VZW, the TouchPro2 is probably the best WinMo, and I think the Tour is likely the best BB device they have. Depending on your disposition, taste, usage, and technical orientation, any one of those three devices could be excellent, but as a long-time WinMo user, I am about to take the leap to Android because the Droid is too good for me to pass up.
  6. Droidn00b

    Droidn00b Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I've looked at so many cell phones and plans that I forgot which carrier offers Vcast. :eek: How would I be able to legally download music? I pay $1.29 per song on iTunes.

    I paid $99 for the iPhone 3G with a two year contract. My calling plan is $39.99 for 450 nationwide anytime minutes with rollover. Verizon's plan is $49.99 for 450 with no rollover minutes. However, I call more people who have Verizon cell phones. Verizon is definitely the better carrier. I want the best data service as well. The Droid is only $199 with a two year contract.
  7. Droidn00b

    Droidn00b Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Duly noted. Thank you for posting. :)

    Someone told me to never get Windows Mobile and that the Android OS is the best. I wouldn't know. The only phones I really like have virtual keyboards. That leaves the Droid and Eris. I didn't care for the Blackberry Storm 2. The Eris is okay. It's screen is a bit smaller than I'd like. The Droid's heavy with the slide out keyboard but I'm being too picky.

    I believe I'll order the Droid online as I'll get the discount. Mail-in rebates are a pain and that's what I'd have to take in the store.
  8. Papacat

    Papacat Lurker

    Depending upon whether you are Mac or PC, there are different ways to sync itunes from your computer to an android device. Google about a bit and you will find some options.

    Pricing on the Android is as low as 119 for new activation if you go through a third party vendor like Dell or Wirefly, but those deals do lock you in to a 59.99/mo plan for something like 7 months, then you can drop to a lower plan after those 7 months (read terms and conditions carefully). They also force you to go through them for device service, which is not a great trade imo. If you go this route, consider BestBuy as your possible vendor, as they have had some good deals this weekend and are probably better for dealing with returns than Dell or Wirefly.

    Still, I would pay the 199 for the Droid direct from Vzw to ensure good service and then you can get a 39.99 plan (450 minutes) from VZW. You will probably need a txt msg plan ($5 min, $10 for lowest with m2m txt coverage) and definitely the $29.99 for your data coverage. So voice + data runs 70/mo, add in 5-10/mo for basic txt plans. Those are your bare minimum monthlies. Not sure why you were quoted a higher price for the 450/mo phone service.

    As for WinMo, they can be a pita and require a lot of time and effort to get set up well, but really some of them are quite nice devices. The OS is a bit shaky, but if you are technically skilled and dont mind doing your own troubleshooting and maintenance (or get off on such geekery) then the TouchPro2 is a phenomenally good little machine. Still, I don't think it holds a candle to the Droid.

    Good luck!
  9. Fabolous

    Fabolous Superuser

    The Droid comes with Amazon's MP3 store app preinstalled. I haven't used it, but I believe it has a good selection and the tracks are DRM free.
  10. nateo200

    nateo200 Android Enthusiast

    Quality post. There expensive as hell but there service really delivers when you need it most. When I was at a NASCAR event in watkin's glen this summer (free tickets FTW!) I had good service even with idk 300,000 people blasting away at there network. Cell on wheels everywhere to make sure of that too. I do have complaints that there CDMA2000 though making roaming a problem in Europe. If verizon was GSM and had the same 3G network coverage today they would be purely amazing.
  11. jlawson

    jlawson Newbie

    DON'T GO BACK TO THE DROID!! I'm on my 2nd in two weeks. I thought the first was just defective. Look at the thread on "Dropped Calls". Both Droids would mute calls and drop calls several times a day. I've had people sitting next to me witnessing I had not moved a bit when suddenly the other person couldn't hear me. I pull it away and look at the mute button and see that it's not lit, but if I press it on then off (and the client hasn't given up yet) I can return to the call. That happens several times a day. But I also get at least one dropped call a day (not from lack of service). I'm ready to throw it through a window! And then there's the problem of the screen freezing in the black mode and I have to remove the battery to reboot it; the on/off key won't work. I'm about to take the 2nd one back. Other than those very major problems I love the phone, but I can't keep clients with that performance.
  12. Droidn00b

    Droidn00b Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I broke down and ordered the Droid on Wirefly. I saved $50 plus the $35 activation fee. The phone came today, but I haven't opened it. I'm really nervous about having problems with the phone and then being without it while I wait for Wirefly to send another one.

    Their "no more than 30 minutes of use" refund policy makes no sense. I asked an agent in live chat how I would know whether or not the phone is defective if I don't use it more than 30 minutes. I was told that I could still return it for a refund as long as it's within the 30 day trial period, and if I don't want to keep the phone/contract, I'll have to cancel service with Verizon within 14 days.

    If I purchased the phone at a local store, I would be given a 30 day trial.

    Here's the return policy I'm referring to: https://www.whereismyorder.com/Satis...tner=wirefly#1
  13. sho95

    sho95 Android Enthusiast

    Good luck with Wirefly all I read is bad thing about them. Don't they also charge you full price if you late on your bill??
  14. colnago

    colnago Android Expert

    I had reception issues in my town with my DROID and its placement, (middle of Balt/DC corridor, heavy VZ area) where I would get 3-4 deadzones, mom's house being the worst, under 2 miles from VZ store.

    I still have AT&T and a Motorola Q, from Rhode Island to North Carolina, I hit (2) deadzones on I-95 for about 100M, and I'm never on "Edge", always 4 (full) or 3 bars. That said, I was really waiting for HTC TP2, but all the demos I tried at AT&T stores, signal changed drastically, just picking it up off the mount.

    That said, given the reports of other VZ phones alongside of the DROID in other areas "not" having reception problems, I think the Droid suffers from either poor signal management/configuration, or just has weak radios/antennae. You may want to keep an eye on your signal now, and after the Dec 11th update to see if anything changes. FWIW, I did an antenna mod:


    ...which helped signal drastically, and goes back to my theory that the antennae are weak.
  15. Droidn00b

    Droidn00b Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I think so. :eek:

    I don't know what FWIW means. :eek: The problem with waiting till Dec. 11th is that I won't have time to get the phone back within 14 days in order to avoid being locked into the 2 year contract. Wirefly activates the phone (I think) on the date it is ordered and it took 3 days to get here. I'll check out the thread you posted. Thanks.
  16. colnago

    colnago Android Expert

    If only you had some program...or device...something to help you search for things, and find information on....something you could type on, or better yet, "speak into"...yeah, that would be cool.


    FWIW = For What Its Worth

    I took my Droid back after 2 weeks as the 11th was close to the end of my 30day as well. Figured it was better to get out early than run into problems close to the wire. Plus I wanted enough testing time both in my town, and in other states.
  17. tsturbo

    tsturbo Newbie

    Well, I am sure there are going to be a few bad apples in every batch of cell phones, no matter the the make or model, this is my second Motorola phone model I have owned, the first being the E815. I have owned al types of other cell phones (Nokia, Audiovox, LG, Samsung) and the Motorolas, both the E815 and the DROID have hands down had the best call clarity and have been totally solid phones. DO NOT go by the bar indicator on the phone when comparing it to other phones as this is not an accurate indicator for comparison. Moto's have always pulled in the best signal of any phone I have ever owned and it is nice to have superb call clarity, wish I could say that about my recent LG and Samsung.
  18. colnago

    colnago Android Expert

    Its not always a "Brand" thing so much as its a "network and phone model" thing, regarding reception. I didn't base "my" reception issues on the "bar indicator" as much as I based it on the "total lack of bars" and the "no connection" messages I received, along with the poor dBm values. My Moto V60i had horrible reception at my house with At&t on their TDMA network where my Moto Q has full bars on GSM. Prior to that my Moto V365 was iffy on 3G.

    That said, if your signal indicator is all over the place and your throughput is being throttled back, you'll hear it in voice quality in the form of compression and packet loss.
  19. Droidn00b

    Droidn00b Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I decided to activate the Droid. I like Motorola phones. The one I had before was my brother's used basic Moto flip phone. It didn't even have a camera. I had it for nearly a year and a half. If it ain't broke, why fix it, you know? The Droid is a major step up for me and I won't stand for getting less than what I'm paying for. Someone on another forum said he was told that he needed some type of device which costs $249 and is used for an antennae. He had no problems outside. At any rate, my phone call today was clear and the other person could hear me just fine. I'm seeing my signal switch from 3G to 1x repeatedly. Google loads really fast but some sites load very slowly. I'm not sure what to do about it as I've dialed *228 twice. There's nothing running in the background. Maybe the update will help with these problems.
  20. Droidn00b

    Droidn00b Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Are you mocking me? :p I didn't notice it yesterday. Believe me, I've spent countless hours on my PC reading about the Droid and other phones. I've been on the phone with customer service, too. :)
  21. colnago

    colnago Android Expert

    Ah the sleeping giant awakes.


    There was a post about someone getting Verizon Tech Supp. to push out an updated PRL list overnight (Droid user wasn't sure what was done) in order resolve poor signal issue. Verizon advised against doing a *228 locally, during or after, the process. Droid user stated reception improved.

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