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Need your advice: Galaxy Nexus vs iPhone 4s vs iPhone 5

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by jhkaplan, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. jhkaplan

    jhkaplan Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I've been an iPhone user since the first one came out. Have always been an iPhone/Apple fanboy, but lately it's getting harder and harder to ignore android phones and harder and harder to spend more money on new iPhones since they're so dissapointing.

    I currently have a 4s, but am eligible for an upgrade through AT&T. I have an iPhone 5 on order, but it won't come for a few weeks and I'm tempted to cancel it and finally try android. I'm not thrilled with the new iPhone or (lack of) new iOS 6 features. I just pre-ordered the 5 since that's what I've always done...

    So now I'm looking pretty hard at android. The customization looks great, I like to tinker. Since I have an AT&T upgrade, I could get the Samsung S3, but it'd take my upgrade and also I want stock JB. I dont like how AT&T and Samsung dont give out the newest android updates right away, and I want things like google now, so the S3 might not be the best option for me.

    I know there are rumors of new Nexus phones coming out in the next month or so. I have the option to buy the Galaxy Nexus unlocked GSM phone on Craigslist for about $300 or so. This would allow me to get a stock android JB phone to play with, while I keep my 4s as backup, and I preserve my upgrade eligibility incase a new awesome android phone comes out in the future (or if Apple releases a really nice 5s/6).

    What are your thoughts? Worth it? How will the transition from iPhone to Android go for me? I really like Google Now, it seems to be a better Siri, and I use Siri a lot. Think going this route is worth it? How obsolete is this year old phone at this point? Or should I get the S3 and wait for JB update?

    Thanks for your advice and input!

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  2. MSUgEEk

    MSUgEEk Android Expert

    With the latest iOS update, I consider it a no-brainer to get any Android phone over the 4s and 5 for sure. Google Maps with Navigation was the one key feature Android has had over Apple all the time and now that gap has widened with the latest Maps app on Apple. The Galaxy Nexus is a great phone. I would say take the opportunity to buy the Nexus for $300 and see how well you like it. If you like it, burn your upgrade when the next generation Android phones come out, beginning with the new Nexus and going on from there. If you don't like it and can't get away from Apple, burn your upgrade on the iPhone 5 and sell the Galaxy Nexus for $200-$300.
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  3. jhkaplan

    jhkaplan Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thank you. This is great advice. Now I just need to decide...

    I have the opportunity to buy the used Nexus running stock JB 4.1.1 for $250
    Samsung Galaxy S3 with a small hairline crack in corner of screen for $275

    Obviously, spec-wise the S3 is a better phone. But without stock JB and google now, is it worth it? How soon until the S3 would get stock JB update? I'm new to android, so not sure if there's other ways around it. But I love using Siri, so having GoogleNow is a huge plus for me.
  4. MSUgEEk

    MSUgEEk Android Expert

    Definitely go with the Nexus over the S3 especially for less money and in better condition. You really won't notice much difference performance-wise in the two phones. The stock experience is much better in my opinion.
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  5. jhkaplan

    jhkaplan Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hmm interesting. I was always under the impression that the S3 was much better. Better camera, specs, screen, etc. I was hoping the S3 would be able to get stock JB, but I dont know when or if that'd happen.
  6. jhkaplan

    jhkaplan Lurker
    Thread Starter

  7. matt999000

    matt999000 Well-Known Member

    I have used an iphone 5 and i own the nexus. they each have their own pros and cons. the major con i had with the iphone is the screen is to small for me. However the phone works flawlessly(minus all the problems with maps), no lag. where my nexus does has lag here and there.
  8. jhkaplan

    jhkaplan Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hmm interesting, thanks. I thought JB and project butter was supposed to remove a lot of the lag. I've always been under the impression that android phones start off smooth, but start to lag after time. I was hoping JB would fix this. Not true i guess?
  9. isar4u

    isar4u Lurker

    I am far from a power user, but am kind of a serial flasher. I've had my GNex for about a year and have found it, combined with the advice on this forum, very easy to tinker with. I've had no performance issue with anything I've done, and honestly can't imagine what else I would want my phone to do. I see myself having it for another year or more and being totally content.
  10. Tim K

    Tim K Android Expert

    I agree, get the Nexus now and use it for a month or 2. See when the new Nexus lines come out, and if you are liking Android then burn your upgrade on a new Nexus and sell the Galaxy Nexus on eBay or something. The only 'downside' of the current GSM Galaxy Nexus is no LTE.... but since AT&T has limited LTE coverage at this point you may not even have it in your area. I'm sure whatever new Nexus comes out will have LTE so at that point it won't matter.
  11. jhkaplan

    jhkaplan Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Yup, in in downtown Chicago, so we do have LTE. It would be really nice to have, honestly. But I can wait. One of my options was to keep my 4s anway, which doesnt have LTE. Once I burn my AT&T upgrade, whether it's on new Nexus, S3 or ipHone 5, then I'll get LTE.
  12. jhkaplan

    jhkaplan Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Serial flasher? Sounds dirty and dangerous.

    What are you flashing on your phone? I'm new to this whole world...
  13. quickaudi

    quickaudi Android Expert

    I'd definitely have to consider a GS3 as well...
  14. MSUgEEk

    MSUgEEk Android Expert

    "Flashing" is the term used for installing custom versions of android OS known as ROMs.
  15. JE78

    JE78 Android Enthusiast

    What kind of user are you? I'm a moderate user and after a days use my battery is under 25% with my Galaxy Nexus. This is without charging at all during the day and with the 2100mah extended battery. Coming from an iPhone 4 this used to bother me but with all the extra features and bells and whistles thats comes with Android i've learned to accept it.

    With regards to your question I was disappointed with the iPhone 5/iOS6 update. I thought hardware wise it wasn't much better than the 4s, the bigger screen really doesn't make much of a difference, its still a small thin screen, they could've made it a 4.2" screen and widen out some and it would've looked much better as well as more functional. iOS6 is lacking as well, Maps is BETA if that, the only thing I like is the facebook integration. If I were you I would get a Galaxy Nexus, the GS3 is nice but not worth the extra $$. Save your upgrade and get a taste of google and see if its for you. If it is, when the next Nexus or big Android phone comes out you'll get it a discounted price. Even if I was a Apple guy I would've have burned my upgrade on the IP5 if I had a 4s just because its not that big of an upgrade to me. Good luck!

    EDIT: You'll love Google Now!
  16. GandalfTehGray

    GandalfTehGray Android Expert

    Buy the used Nexus, while waiting on the phone to come in read up the All things root section, especially since you say you like to tinker.
  17. isar4u

    isar4u Lurker

    Yes, as stated earlier, installing the custom ROMs that the developers who frequent these forums put together. On the GNex, it's really easy to do, I've found the ROMs to be every bit as stable as what came stock on the phone, and loaded with a lot of thoughtful features.

    Getting root access to the phone is easy. Again, some of the developers have made one or two click programs that are pretty hard to screw up, even for a total newb like I was.

    On top of being able to flash the ROMs, there are a lot of other really good things that come with being able to root and tinker with the phone. The thing I find most useful is being able to have multiple user profiles, which is kind of like being able to dual boot a PC. My work Exchange Server has a policy that requires me to PIN lock my phone. This is fine under normal circumstances, but a pain if I want to change music or navigate while I'm driving, or if I'm doing a lot of texting (not while driving). I've got a separate profile setup that doesn't have the Exchange Server on it that I can switch to with two taps of the screen. I use it on long car trips or while I'm out of town for the weekend and don't care about work. It works great and I get a lot more use out of the device I spent a couple of hundred bucks for.

    So many advantages to running Android. I don't want to sound too much like a hater, but I wouldn't take an iAnything if you paid me.
  18. DannyJSlone

    DannyJSlone Android Enthusiast

    I am a very heavy Nexus user. Love my nexus and would never concider another phone. The stock experience is great plus it is so easy to root. I love the screen size and have gotten rid of the navigation keys with the ROM I have. I haven't had any issues with my phone and I have had it since last December. No lag issues either. I say buy the used nexus since it is so inexpensive and save your upgrade.
  19. AntimonyER


    I too have a Nexus and love it. I am a phone addict, and for me to be able to go 10 months without phone envy is a record for me. Although that will be ending soon. The GS3 is a very nice phone, but Jelly Bean is a game changer, and even my iPhone expert friend said Android has finally caught his eye with JB.
  20. JE78

    JE78 Android Enthusiast

    Its a good time to be a Android user. The Motorola RAZR HD's are coming out this month and the new LG Nexus is due out soon from the sounds of things.
  21. gtbarry

    gtbarry Android Expert

    Android is of you!

    For this reason alone I would opt for the Galaxy Nexus purchased direct from google. I own a Nexus so I am biased, but on paper I do not see a feature on the S3 that puts my Nexus to shame. Yes, there are some differences in the S3's favor, but nothing that makes a huge difference in my opinion.

    I don't understand your Craig's List logic here. Just buy it from google directly for $50 more and you get the security of buying it direct from a corporation that will be there to help you and support your purchase - should the need arise. And, yes you can either save your AT&T upgrade for later this way, or use it now and sell the phone you get from AT&T on ebay for some quick cash.

    Overall, my admittedly biased opinion is that the Nexus stacks up favorably against both the S3 and i5 in that neither of those two has a feature that blows the Nexus away. And with the Nexus I get the freedom of Android (as you would also get from the S3) and the freedom of pure Android and not hoping for updates.
  22. Karuk

    Karuk Android Enthusiast

    Gnex is a solid offering.

    S3 is just as good if you want a phone that delivers the great experience of the iPhone. The camera is way better as well.

    I have the verizon nexus. My Iphone 5 will be delivered on Monday. I will take it out for a spin for a month or so. If it works I'm golden until a better Android offering comes along. I can always gets good money for the iphone 5 and buy the next best Android phone cash with some left over.

    I would recommend you use your upgrade to the the iphone 5. Sell it new in the box and then buy a used Gnex or S3. This is an easy way to make some spare $ to pay for a gadget addiction.
  23. aurora40

    aurora40 Android Enthusiast

    One thing to note on ATT, is the S3 and iPhone 5 will have LTE. The GNex will not.

    That said, for $250, a good used Galaxy Nexus should be an excellent introduction to the Android world. It is well supported by Google, by users, and is still a very capable phone. The processor is older, but still fast enough, and the camera is pretty mediocre. But it is a year-old phone.
  24. ngforever1989

    ngforever1989 Newbie

    Nexus user here as well. I've never had any problems with my gnex. Always loved the pure android as well, not mettled with by third party companies. This phone was put together my Koreans, but created by Google.

    She's a big one, especially compared to any iPhone. So get ready to awe in HD YouTube or even Netflix. The battery life has always sucked for me, but with a screen this amazing its really not a con. I carry my charger with me at all times, a habit you might want to learn. But since I carry bag around it was as easy as throwing it in.

    If this is your first Google phone I recommend getting Swype keyboard. Super awesome and after my girlfriend had me try it, I simply can't use a normal keyboard anymore. Although my nexus didn't come with it and I had to download it from Swype official site. To be honest I don't use voice services at all. I just hit my Google search bar widget at the top of my home page(also recommend nova launcher for extreme home page customization) and "Swype" what I'm looking for. Seeing as voice always makes more errors for me than Swype, I just don't use it.

    I don't voice dial, voice text, or voice anything lol so that's just how I feel. I have zero experience with Google now although I have noticed a lot of new features it imbued my phone with so sooner or later I'll be exploring it further.

    Band wagons are foolish, and doing something simply because you have always done it is also foolish. Explore and create for yourself.

    You might also be able to YouTube plenty of video reviews and comparisons on the gnex vs other phones. Possibly against your very own phone 4.
  25. jarez mifkin

    jarez mifkin Newbie

    I've done the opposite. I switched. It was painful but I did it. I miss the functionality of Android. I miss the widgets, I miss the root, but overall I'm happy with my choice. The Nexus is great. It is quite a bit bigger than the iPhone, but after a day or two(or a couple of hours) you'll get used to it. Do it!

    p.s. (No flaming me for switching to the iPhone) I meant it! :help:

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