Help need your views REGARDING PROBlem!

hey guys im probably on the height of just giving up on this phone due to the following reasons:
1)i accidentally droped my phone in a tub of water (my bad :() and then my screen didnt work and a few keys too,
so got everything fixed at samsung care($ gone :()..and i guess they formatted my phone!
then i never bothered to check the tht i tried checking my internet the e sign doesnt only appears for max. 20sec on start up..i tried doing all stuff with apn's my network is tata docomo..
and now im stuck with no internet!(a body without heart) :/,so if any1 could help me through this problem i would b very thankfull!
2)if nothing works im thinking of updating my froyo to v2.3 and cm7 rom..any thoughts on this?would the new o/s bring back mu internet problem?any idea? guys would love to hear your ideas..plz reply fast!


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1.)Samsung has 1 month TOTAL GUARANTEE after a major repair ,just one month but total .
you just have to show them that internet is not working
2.)the difference between stock froyo and stock GB and cyanogenmod is night and day.
Stock Froyo is slow ,annoying ,laggy,glitched ,GB is smoother ,CM is lot better .
Would it bring your internet back ,probably it will ,it's a chance or maybe not .
Personally if I paid samsung to get it repaired ,I will just complain for every little thing that went wrong ...

On side note ask your network provider for apn settings .Usually Stock Samsungs dont have correct apn settings .


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Its over a month since i got it repaired so the TOTAL GUARANTEE is out of chance now!
I tried all the apn settings stuff! and had a nice vist to docomo center too! bt nothing worked!
will give a shot at the samsung care center,as it is im out of the warrenty period so they would charge for little things..
If nothing happens i shld update to gb or cm7 or some other custom rom,right? and one more question does rom having anything to do with battery performance? would it increase battery or v would have to use our phones like a saint,asusual?:D


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Battery life wont be increased by either of two roms .
Samsung will always charge for little things . You should have checked it thoroughly .