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Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by kx125rcr21, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. kx125rcr21

    kx125rcr21 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    hey folks i just got a droid about 3 weeks ago and just downloaded the Nes emu and a couple games on my phone i had to dl astro file manager i then downloaded SNes emu and tried to download a rom for it evrytime i click on the download button for the rom it brings up a screen with alot of numbers and letters in a random order and wont dl.. is there something different i need to be doing for SNes games??

    dumb question??? sorry the last phone i had was a nextell brick phone..

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  2. ey3con

    ey3con Lurker

    Not a dumb question at all. I will look into this as I'm setting up the EMUs and ROMS on the Droid as we speak. I will give you a quick run down as soon as I get it to work perfectly.
  3. evilbeef54

    evilbeef54 Well-Known Member

    I am also interested in finding out about nes and snes roms, I have never played woth one of the enulators before, I dl'd nesoid and snesoid, do I have to dl the roms through the phone or can I get them from my pc and transfer them to the phone, I tried following the link through nesoid to download roms but had no luck, any good places to find them? Thanks
  4. savajio

    savajio Newbie

    I have a question regarding ROMs as well. I wont be getting my Droid till Day after X-Mas (can't wait) but I have all the ROMS on my PC at home. Once I get the App from Market can I just transfer the ROMS over to SD card from PC?
  5. rhyno

    rhyno Member

    It might be that you are trying to d/l .rar. or.zip files. Are you d/ling directly to your phone or onto your comp first?

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