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Nesoid, Snesoid, Gensoid, and Gameboid worth buying?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Xystence, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. Xystence

    Xystence Member
    Thread Starter

    As I am new to the Droid world are these apps the way to go for good emulation on the Droid? is the developer coming out with regular updates for these as needed and such?

    Thank you for your time!

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  2. illaim

    illaim Lurker

    I have all three, they are good for what they do, but I haven't found a control scheme that I like, so I never really use them. It would be nice if the trackball worked properly within games, but its not so.
  3. Xystence

    Xystence Member
    Thread Starter

    Controls for me would be fine with the Motorola Droid's full keyboard. I enjoyed the lite versions!
  4. Dnvnk

    Dnvnk Lurker

    This is embarrassing, but:

    I was deciding on a new smartphone for a while (i had a BB pearl before). The morning I saw that these emulators worked so well on youtube, I ran to verizon and bought the droid that very day.

    I have been happy ever since. So far, I've only run into one issue with the game "Rings of Power" for Gensoid. However, the issues I've run into on SNESoid were fixed easily by tweaking settings (much like a PC emu).

    I have been incredibly happy. And with the 16gb onboard storage, you can easily carry the full-set of each system's roms with you. never be bored again.

    Oh, and it does seem to me that the dev is working on updating quite frequently
  5. CyDetrakD

    CyDetrakD Newbie

    id say they are all worth it if you have a droid minus gameboid. I bought it to play river city ransom ex for gba and guess what it doesnt work got a refund and tried the lastest lite version and still no support for that rom. snes and genesis are good emus but gameboid is garbage
  6. KieranD

    KieranD Guest

    Bit arseholey that because one game doesn't work, you ditch the app and insult it. That game sounds pretty obscure, I've only ever seen one game that doesn't work, and that's just what happens with emulators. Not everything works with everything.
  7. mrmojoz

    mrmojoz Android Enthusiast

    Well worth it for me. I can jump into a game and play from the save state of where I left off last time. Great for when you have a few minutes to kill. All the games I've wanted to play on Gensoid have worked for me so far.
  8. Dnvnk

    Dnvnk Lurker

    I agree that it is not a reason to dis the app,

    However, RCR is probably one of the rarest and most sought after classic titles of all time. It's truly an amazing game. I couldn't even find a hard copy after years of looking.
  9. El Blacksheep

    El Blacksheep Android Enthusiast

    if gameboid is garbage, i'll keep playing (and enjoying) great titles like yggdra union, ff5 & ff6 on my garbage emulator :D
  10. Matlock

    Matlock Android Enthusiast

  11. KieranD

    KieranD Guest

    Try mapping some of the buttons to the physical buttons. On my Hero, for Gameboid I've got A and B on back and search, and L and R on call and trackball click.
  12. kad3t

    kad3t Member

    I'm not an expert but as fas ar I know if your phone supports pinch'n'zoom (whilst viewing pictures or in the browser) & I know that Hero does, than it also supports multi-touch as it's the same technology. There fore from my point of view the problem seems to be on the software rather than hardware side.

    I may be wrong though but it seemed logical to me... ^_^
  13. Matlock

    Matlock Android Enthusiast

    Good logic. Wish it were the case. Pinch and zoom only uses one process to perform a single action so the browser knows what to do when you squeeze your fingers together. Milti-touch requires the use of multiple processes at once. And from what i gather, the Eris and Hero are not yet capable of doing it. I'm sure they can, they just can't at the moment.
  14. kad3t

    kad3t Member

    Yet again you may be right but how would you explain Hero's keyboard? I type quite fast and often many keys are pressed nearly at the same time & that would require some kind of multi-touch, I guess. It may be the same case though, I don't know... It just seems that it's there but ain't working the way it's supposed to. That is if the emulator works with multi-touch on other Android devices and doesn't just on these two.

    Well, maybe 2.1 firmware will deal with it... We can hope. ^_^
  15. kevhow

    kevhow Member

    "Well, maybe 2.1 firmware will deal with it... We can hope."

    I have an Eris running 2.1 and I can confirm that multitouch does work with the new firmware. I am able to use virtual joystick and virtual buttons now without any problem. I couldn't do this with 1.5

    Edit- I've only used Nesoid, but I assume they all work the same
  16. kad3t

    kad3t Member

    Awesome! That's what I wanted to hear! All I need to do now is wait for the 2.1 to be released for the Hero... Cool!

    I would've root it but I'm having my Hero with one of Polish mobile carriers called ERA where it's branded and named G2 Touch, similarily to T-Mobile's naming in other countries. And as much as I've found many guides and how to on rooting either Sprint, T-Mobile or other branded Hero's I haven't found the general guide that would've work with all the other, not mentioned anywhere carriers branded mobiles.

    So, I'll wait... ^_^
  17. wuzzy

    wuzzy Newbie

    I downloaded Snesoid and mario kart rom and I couldn't play it on my mytouch. There were no buttons for me to press.
  18. kad3t

    kad3t Member

    If you press "menu" it's somewhere in the "settings".
  19. bytal

    bytal Lurker

    I have hero and really enjoy nesoid and gensoid on it. I found snesoid sluggish on my phone so i uninstalled it. The other 2 work pretty good though. I'm patiently waiting for paid apps in canada so i can get the full version so i can save my games so i can play some RPGs. I'd never have to download another game app again.
  20. kad3t

    kad3t Member

    You can already play RPGs and save games in them. Even in an unpaid emulators. The only difference is that in the free emulator you can only save game where the game actually allowed it and in a paid one you're able to use so called save states as in saving a game state independently from a game itseld - i.e. in a middle of important boss battle.
  21. airigo

    airigo Lurker

    i have the mytouch slide and the games dont seem to work on my snesoid,i already unzipped them from my computer and put'em in a folder in my sd and whatnot.
    when i select a game the screen goes black then it takes me to my home screen,any tips?
  22. hahaha what

    hahaha what Android Enthusiast

    gba is really fun, snes is pretty good too. idk about nes or genesis tho
  23. Spr8dogg

    Spr8dogg Member

    All of them work great on the HTC EVO. I haven't encountered any flaws with any of the games I play. If you'd like to save your game states, pay for them. But if you just like playing, grab the lite versions.

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