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Netflix App not Working in Blisspop ROM?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by maxlockett619, Mar 5, 2016.

  1. maxlockett619

    maxlockett619 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I recently flashed the Blisspop 5.1.1 ROM to my Volt. I installed the Netflix app, and was able to scroll through different movies and shows. However, when I go to watch a show, I am stuck on the "loading" screen. Does anyone know of a fix for this?

  2. DeltaXzombies

    DeltaXzombies Well-Known Member

    All Lollipop Roms don't support HQ video (they probably never will either)
    Your best bet is to use Stock ROM or the more recent 4.4.4 Roms
  3. mikedt

    mikedt 你好

    Most likely it's Netflix objecting to unapproved, non-original firmware. Plus as Blisspop is rooted, I'm quite sure Netflix objects to that as well. I know Sky Go won't run on anything like this. You'll have to revert to the original LG stock firmware, not rooted, if you want to view legal Netflix videos I think.

    Lollipop or later definitely plays HQ and HD videos OK. I'm sure the problem with Netflix is DRM. As Hollywood is terrified you might use a rooted and modified device to defeat the DRM and steal their movies.
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  4. bg4m3r

    bg4m3r Android Expert

    This is completely wrong. Netflix runs fine on rooted non stock systems. Literally did so myself yesterday. The issue is with the ROM. All Netflix cares about is that your account is valid and you aren't trying to play on too many devices at the same time.

    As for stealing movies, you can do that without root.

    The Lollipop ROMs do not support streaming HD, afaik.

    As for the stated issue, I've had this exact problem with some ROMs on my nookColor, while others it's fine.
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  5. SykkNyzz

    SykkNyzz Android Enthusiast

    Same here with wwe network :/
  6. Tim Strunk

    Tim Strunk Lurker

    I'm running BlissPop Android Version 5.1.1 on Samsung GT-N8013 and just got Netflix to download the correct apk to my device.

    1. I installed the wrong verson of Netflixt apk "com.netflix.mediaclient_5.1.2_build_17106-17106_minAPI21(armeabi-v7a)(nodpi)_apkmirror.com.apk"
    2. When I opened it Netflix said it was the wrong version and asked to download it.
    Of course I said, "That would be delightful."
    It saved it to /data/media/0/Download/netflix-4.16-200147-release.apk
    3. I copied it to the sdcard so I could download it.
    adb shell
    cp /data/media/0/Download/netflix-4.16-200147-release.apk /sdcard
    adb pull /sdcard/netflix-4.16-200147-release.apk
    4. Installed it
    adb install netflix-4.16-200147-release.apk

    Worked like a champ

    I love Netflix and they should make this process easier when their app doesn't show up on Google Play. It would prevent people from using a Hacked version "Stolen Accounts" when they don't want too but cant get Netflix to work any other way.
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