Netflix app SLOOOW on epic 4g touch


Hi guys, thanks for the forum.

I just switched to my first android phone from apple land and have a couple of questions about streaming. Is the netflix app working well for you guys? I love spending my lunch hour getting away from it all with some earbuds and netflix.

Today was my first day at work with the Epic 4g touch and it took close to 2 minutes to connect to netflix then when it finally began streaming buffering started before the opening credits of law and order were over.

This is with a "good" wifi signal and 65mpbs down. Same thing happened with Crackle.

This didn't happen with the phone that shall not be named. I've heard the wireless radio isn't great on the epic 4g and that the photon is the best on the market in this regard. But would that have any bearing on wifi signal?

The other thing that happened during this 15 minutes of tinkering is that my battery had a huge was full at 11am and by 2:30 messing with the netflix connect attempts it said I needed to plug it in.

Sorry for the long post...just in cell phone purgatory right now and am wondering what to do. The weekend with the phone was fantastic...but if I thought the photon might be more easily connected for streaming purposes I could take this epic back and get it.

Any thoughts or ideas would be really appreciated.


Android Expert
Welcome to the world of Android. I have an Atrix 4G and I have streamed netflix on both 3/4G and over wifi with no problems. My first guest would be signal strength. (Not all cell phones have good antenna's) As to the battery drain, sounds like the phone was trying really hard to find or keep the signal, which would result in faster battery drain. I have run into this same situation when my signal is really weak.