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Netflix Audio Skipping through HDMI

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by dropnbassonu, Sep 18, 2011.

  1. dropnbassonu

    dropnbassonu Member
    Thread Starter


    I am having the same problem through HDMI that I am having through bluetooth. Several times a minute the audio pops in and out, but the movie/song keeps going uninterrupted. I do not have wifi on, and I'm not rooted (yet). Could I have a lemon?

    Any help is appreciated!

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  2. CKwik240

    CKwik240 Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure what it could be. I was outputting Pandora through the 3.5mm jack on the Car dock kit and I got none of the skipping. I do get it via BT every so often though. Haven't tried it with HDMI, but I will likely get a chance to tomorrow morning.
  3. Somniferum

    Somniferum Android Enthusiast

    This is a known issue with the current version of Netflix. Hopefully there will be an update to the app soon to fix it. I've noticed the problem seems to get better though, the longer you keep the app running.
  4. CKwik240

    CKwik240 Well-Known Member

    Mine occurs in Pandora though. Assuming is the same problem. I should try playing music from the CD card via BT and HDMI just to see as well...
  5. dropnbassonu

    dropnbassonu Member
    Thread Starter

    I wish I could say it was only a netflix issue though, it did it the other day while trying to stream a video through youtube on my TV as well.... it's really becoming a pain in the butt because I want to use this feature of hdmi and bluetooth but I really can't because of the audio....
  6. CKwik240

    CKwik240 Well-Known Member

    Kept an eye on the family business this morning which gave me an opportunity to test out Netflix and experienced a few skips over HDMI during the 2 hours I was there. But on my way home, while playing music from the SD card, it started to skip every few seconds. This was over the BT connection. I was working out in the garage the rest of the day and playing through speakers jacked in to the 3.5mm jack, it worked fine except for the two times the player just stopped by itself. No skipping. Can't seem to get a good grasp on specific conditions this is occurring in.
  7. dropnbassonu

    dropnbassonu Member
    Thread Starter

    I agree, Can't quite put my finger on the problem either.....it's quite frustrating! I would just like to know if others are having the same problem or it's just mine. That way I'll know if I have a lemon.....

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