netflix audio/video out of sync

I have an lg optimus v an just now downloaded the netflix mediaclient apk an started wathing a movie maybe 15 or 30 seconds in the video lags significantly behind the audio. What can I do to correct this. Keep in mind I have tried pausing it yried going back and watching from a few seconds before.


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Normally when these things happen it's a compression codec issue. Especially if MP3 audio is involved

I'm going to suggest playing the media file using a different media app or even trying to copy the media file to your PC to see if the problem persists.

If the problem persists then unfortunately who ever uploaded the movie stuffed up badly, if it's only the one app that's causing the problem then it's having problems interpreting or supporting the video or audio codec.


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Okay thanks so much. By the way is there an optionz for selecting streaming/playback speeds? I'm hopeing there is a setting or anything I can tweak to get it to just run smoothly through a movie.


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Have you tried installing the market Netflix app? If not, try that and see if that works. I use the market app and there appears to be no settings to change.
okay can somebody please help in trying to download the netflix app I downloaded from the android and tried several links in the forums I tried to go back to the older version but I can't seem to get it to work after I sign into netflix it takes me back into my hat at
sorry using audio text I meant it sends me back into my ass and I keep trying to get back to netflix but it won't allow me with the download I downloaded from here the 1.2
oh my god I'm going back to swipe next time I'll read before I post but sure did get a good laugh so sorry hope ya got a good laugh out of it