Netflix Video Will Not Play



I have a google anroid tablet by MID. It plays video from every sight I go to except Netflix. Called the Netflix tech but in so many words, they blew me off attributing the problem to the tablet which is brand new. Looked over the net and saw others with the same issue but no solution. I have a Netflix Account, Un-installed and re-installed the software from the play store several times but when I click on a Netflix video, I get perfect sound but no picture. Can anyone help? It is a 10.1 inch Google Android Tablet by MID running Android Version 4.2.2, Firmware version 2.1_20130912.


Extreme Android User
Just a guess, but if it's a Flash problem, look on Youtube for installing Flash on Android. (There are at least a dozen videos saying about the same thing.)

If not, keep calling Netflix tech support back, until you get someone who's actually a tech support rep, not a human answering machine. (Always be nice though - don't act like "you people have blown me off 20 times already and I'm getting steamed", but like this is your first call, you respect them and you'd like a little assistance. Even it it IS the 35th time you've called.)