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Tips Netflix working on my Streak 7

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by grayman, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. grayman

    grayman Active Member
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    May 23, 2011
    I used the apk from this link: Netflix Streaming - Getting Closer? - xda-developers

    It is the apk for the new Honeycomb tablet version of Netflix, but it is up and running on my stock, unrooted Streak.

    You will need to uninstall any other Netflix apks you have on your Streak and enable sideloading of apps. I had one minor hiccup where it didn't work on my first installation attempt, but on the second attempt, it went right through and installed.

    I was able to access my account and stream a television episode. There were some funky lights in the black bar under the actual show, but the audio and video of the stream were fine.

    Just thought I would share for anyone else who is trying to get Netflix to work on a Streak.


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