May 15, 2011
Southern Cali
I was able to install it. I get sound but no picture. I get a blank white screen. Anyone know how to fix this?

Can I play a video in full screen too?
From what I have read, no one with a 4"+ mobile phone has gotten it to work. However, tablets have. I think it has something to do with the resolutions, display type and screen density.

It has not been figured out yet.

But the Evo got the official app from what I have read.
Any word yet on when/if the Inspire will ever get Netflix?

I am kind of upset about this. Netflix was one of my #1 requirements for a new phone and my sales rep told me that this phone DID do Netflix. Well, obviously it doesn't & AT&T won't do a thing about it as far as exchanging my phone. I signed a contract believing my phone would do certain things & it doesn't so yeah... little frustrated.

Other than that I love my phone.