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Network editing and advanced diagnostic tools

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by Rwhittaker13, Dec 19, 2012.

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    This is my first thread on this website, so i hope it is helpful:D

    Okay, so this thread is for anyone who wants more specific info and or control over their phone. Disclaimer: Follow this guide at your own risk. Everything I list on here has been tested by me and does no harm to your device if done correctly.* *Sprint Devices* May work on other networks, but that has not been tested yet by myself. Any updates on that, i will report back to this thread.

    Debug mode- This mode gives you advanced network properties. It provides details on the 1X network, EVDO network, eHRPD Engineering as well as LTE Engineering/info.(MSL Code is not required for this) First, open up the dialer on your phone, then type ##DEBUG#. After that, a network engineering menu should appear. Note that nothing can be changed in this menu, only viewed.*MSL can be found using MSL reader off of the market, or by using CDMA workshop on your computer*

    Data Edit Mode- This is where these following instructions should be followed very closely, just to ensure nothing goes wrong.

    For this method, you will need to have a service code (MSL) to enter this menu. This can be found by downloading aLogcat off of google play. Follow the rest of these instructions: *Courtesy of XDA Developers*

    So step 1 is to go to your dialer and enter ##DATA# or ##3282# which will bring up the EPST menu Once the menu pops up just select "View Mode" At this point you will see a screen with 3 selections. From here either press and hold the Home Key and select aLogcat if you ran it before, go to your tray and run Logcat. After opening Logcat it will update, once it finishes press "Menu" and "Pause" the log. Then scroll until you see a group of entries labeled "I/EpstBroadcastReciever" which should be green Locate the line that has "MSL Code=" at the end of it Edit: Or press Menu and Filter "MSL" (thanks wjason). *

    Okay so that being said, you now have the access code to enter the menu, so following that, enter ##DATA# into the dialer again, which will bring up the menu, then if you would like to edit something, tap edit. When prompted for a service code, enter the 6-digit code that you got from your logcat, then whalaaa, you now have access to your network settings like you've never seen before. Again, I stress that this is for advanced users ONLY. Enjoy the exploration guys [​IMG] any questions, comment on here and I will be glad to help!

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