Dec 1, 2009

I have the HTC Hero and have set up my email with the exchange (aka my work email). I get all my emails but when I try to open an attachment, it tells me "Alert... Network Error". Is there anything I can do to be able to download and view my attachments.

Any help will be great... Thanks!

hey im having the same problem but i dont know what is causing it. I have tried downloading multiple programs to open and view attachments but nothing.
Can anyone help?

I have the exact same problem when I tried to open my exchange mail attachment. I can still download attachment from my gmail account but not the work exchange mail.

Does anyone know if this is an known issue? I have a Fresh 1.0 ROM loaded on my phone (Sprint Hero). Could this be related to that?
In German "Benachrichtigung: Netzwerkfehler" nothing more... no idea why this is happening. Sync with EXCHANGE works perfectly, downloading attachments doesn't. Is this something we need to enable on our MS Exchange Server?
It could be that an app is hogging the network. Try to kill all application and then try to download your attachements.