Network issues


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A storm came through and MetroPCS Service has been down since 11:00pm May 27. Ok MetroPCS is supposed to be on T-Mobile network but my neighbors that have T-Mobile network phones and data is working just fine but not MetroPCS haven't worked since the date above all the way up to this point. When I asked MetroPCS customer service people how does that work why is Metro PCS service down and T-Mobile service not down considering that MetroPCS on T-Mobile network it got so quiet you can hear a mouse fart on Cotton. I like to know what's your take on this issue?


Maybe Metro operates some of their own stuff, like switches or whatever, independent of T-mobile, could be that was down?


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Ok it's obvious there was a storm but the question is why was MetroPCS system down and T-Mobile network still working considering MetroPCS is on T-Mobile network that is the question at hand?

Sorry, misread your question. Was at work. 3 day holiday was crazy busy.

Have no clue WHY Metro was down while T-Mobile was up. Usually they are hand in hand.