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Network Operators is not an Option

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by james fitzgerald, Aug 19, 2021.

  1. james fitzgerald

    Thread Starter

    I don't see the option 'Network Operators' under my 'Mobile Devices' settings.

    I bought this phone from Virgin Mobile and paid for it in full. After two years they put me onto the Boost network. Now, I'm trying to move to my new carrier.

    When I add the new SIM and boot I see 'Service Disabled' followed by 'No Service'. I have spent an hour talking with Boost support, they tell me my phone is unlocked and if there is a connection problem...contact the new carrier. The new service support had me try to 'Reset Networks' and update my profile. After that they surrender...say 'not all phones will work' ...buy a new phone.

    The problem is...I'm not seeing a Network, and if I try to update the profile from Wifi connection, I get 'Authentication Error' (but I'm connected to the Wifi network and can access internet).

    I believe the problem may be Virgin Mobile has turned off my 'Network Operators' and hidden it so the phone is in a locked state of some kind. There is no Virgin Mobile support available...only Boost who insist the phone is unlocked.

    I'm very happy with the Stylo 3 and would like to keep it if possible. How do I find 'Network Operators'?

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  2. svim

    svim Extreme Android User

    You're probably going to just buy a new phone. Apparently Virgin Mobile used Sprint's old CDMA cellular network (now in the process of being decommissioned and turned off), while Boost is a MVNO that uses T-Mobile's cellular network (GSM, or more specifically 4G/LTE and 5G).
    Basically all CDMA-based phones are becoming obsolete.

    Keep in mind that a SIM card just retains your account info with a carrier, it doesn't determine what cellular network to use. That's done by a cellular radio chip soldered onto the logic board inside the phone itself, and all those cellular radio chips can only support specified bands/frequencies. Different carriers rely upon their own different cellular networks so that's why we can't buy a phone that works on any network anywhere on the planet. So it's that cellular radio chip that does the actual linking between a phone and cellular service, the SIM card just authenticates your account to have access to that service.
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  3. james fitzgerald

    Thread Starter

    Wow. This is a really great answer. Technical, but explained clearly.

    This phone has the option to be CDMA or GSM or LTE ... but since I'm not seeing the option of Network Operators even appearing ...I just went to LG support and they just asked for my IMEI #. I'll get the answer...I can't help but think Virgin Mobile did something to hide it. If you're right...which you probably are...I'll post what they say.

    It's too bad, because I truly like the LG stylo 3 and I figure 2023 is the year to go 5G (because they are overpriced for that bell and whistle at the moment ...imho).

    Thanks for this answer.
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  4. svim

    svim Extreme Android User

    OK, since those options are showing that is a good indicator your Stylo 3 'should' be working with Boost then. If you look in the 'Network' section in the link below in shows the bands/frequencies your phone supports:
    and if you peruse through this article (a bit dated but well, so is your Stylo) on what band/frequencies the main carriers use for their cellular networks you'll see the corresponding networks you had with Virgin (Sprint's network) along with several that Boost (T-Mobile's network) uses:

    When you swapped out the old Virgin SIM card with the new Boost SIM card, it typically would have prompted your phone to automatically reconfigure itself but it's not that uncommon for the process to get messed up. You might want to try and do it the manual way -- delete any Virgin APN listing and then make a new, clean APN using the settings for Boost, using these settings:
    Be sure to type things in as shown (i.e. no spaces after a comma) and be sure to restart your phone so the new APN gets applied.
  5. james fitzgerald

    Thread Starter

    I went to LG for an answer.

    Here it is: Network Operators is not an option on this phone. LG Manufactured the phone to Virgin Mobile Specs. So, I'm in a weird place here...my current service is Boost (because VM sloughed me off to them two years ago). So Boost is telling me the truth: We unlocked your phone from our Network.

    While that is true...the VM operating system or software is not giving me Network Operators, so I can't move the phone to any other network.

    XDE Developers website looks like for this specific model (LS777) does not have any Firmware, Roms, etc. that could resolve the problem.

    Seems like I'm stuck getting a new phone.
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  6. james fitzgerald

    Thread Starter

    I wanted to add to this answer.....LG;'s support went above and beyond for me. They verified with Boost that my phone was indeed unlocked, and they believed that when I did a network reset the phone should just find the new tower (because of the new SIM) and auto-connect.

    I did a hard reset for this phone, but as it booted up, I was always seeing a Virgin Mobile Screen...which bothered me. I knew that VM had ordered these phones spec'ed from LG with 'Network Operators' functionality removed...and I found also the ability to edit 'APN' points was turned off on this phone.

    The thing that was stopping me during the steps to change service was always 'authentication error' when I tried to update my 'User Profile'. When the phone booted, I always saw 'Service Disabled' instead of a connection to a tower...so I knew that the update Profile Step was occurring through my home wireless...so my inability to 'authenticate' had to be related to my wifi. I removed the password security on my home wifi router. BAM...the update profile worked. Now I rebooted my phone and there was no longer any Virgin Mobile splash screen...just LG.

    But I still saw 'No Service' instead of 'Service Disabled'. I thought I must need to edit the 'APN' settings too, in order to connect to a new network, but since that was grayed out...I decided I needed a new phone. But then...as I was sitting there...the cell phone rang. I got a junk call...but I dialed my home service, and bingo I was on my new network. The new network seemed to be intermittent in connecting from my house, but in the next few days it improved....not sure if this will be a long term problem due to an inferior carrier...they did recommend moving to 5G.

    So... for anyone else with an LG7777 phone...Virgin Mobile made these phones purposefully restricted in terms of access to an open phone, but that is how the phone was spec'ed. Do a hard reset, use your new sim, and if you see 'authentication error..try again later' on your System Update functions, it is telling you there is an issue with your Wifi..not your tower.

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