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Network Sim Unlock for Samsung Gravity SGH T589

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by nubianepiphany, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. nubianepiphany

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    Hello All!

    First, let me say that you guys rock on this forum and I tip my hat to you.

    I'm just a simple phone using gal and have no knowledge about writing/developing/understanding apps, so with that being said, here goes:

    I have a T-Mobile Samsung Gravity SGH T589, given to me by a cousin. The phone is sim/network locked. ***NOW PLEASE FORGIVE ME IF THIS QUESTION HAS ALREADY BEEN POSTED***, but I searched the Samsung Gravity forum and have not seen any posts relating to this, however, I have found the following link:


    which has given me the tools to understanding how to do it.

    For the past two days I have been scouring the internet looking for a way to unlock my device and have run across videos from youtube, articles and the like.
    I have found and downloaded Android SDK, (
    I installed this one: installer_r20.0.3-windows.exe), with disastrous results (I saved it to C:\Program Files)....long story short, I didn't know what I was doing, uninstalled the program, and it almost deleted ALL OF MY PROGRAM FILES ON MY LAPTOP!!!!:(:mad:)

    And I am now performing a system restore! BOOOOO!!!!

    Anyhoo, I've printed out instructions from the android forums link listed above and found the one with the SDK "alternative method of download" particularly helpful., along with the link for the new pre-packaged ADB Install. I'm going to attempt this again, but I'd like to ask the following:

    1. When saving the SDK download, where would a knowledgeable person save it to? Meaning: Where would be the BEST location, i.e. C:\Documents and Settings, Desktop, Users....where?!! I just don't wish to repeat the same mistake.

    2. At what step/stage do I connect the device?

    3. Will I need a hex code program to find the network unlock code, and if so, is there a hex code program out there for "dummies"? I looked at this one:
    Freeware Hex Editor XVI32

    4. I have winrar.zip, and during Android SDK install, I did NOT have to extract any files...they simply opened. Is this correct? Should I have had to unzip the files?

    I'm a little nervous about changing the environment variable and using the cmd prompts, so any information, ANYONE can provide, would be greatly appreciated. I've seen about three different environment variable strings and just want to make sure I use the correct/best one. My laptop OS is Windows 7, 32-bit.

    And if you'd rather answer me back through PM, that would be cool too, only, I ask that you explain it to me as though I were a 2yr-old!:rolleyes:
    Oh, and I've no idea how to operate a Hex Editor, either!!!


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