Apr 26, 2013
I plan on purchasing a Tmobile phone, most likely used on ebay. The main reason I want to get the phone is to use it as a mobile internet provider via tethering. I have narrowed it down to buying an Android phone on Tmobile. I do not want to buy an expensive phone such as the s3 if my connection speed while tethering isn't even going to be much of a difference than any other 3G phone- I'm not interested in getting an LTE phone right now. So my question is, which phone would be the best value for using via tethering, does it matter which phone I get that supports HSDPA/3g? (from what I understand people call HSDPA 3.5g/4g but it is actually truly just 3g) For instance, if I get a deal on a myTouch for <$80 would it go pretty much just as fast as the s3 for >$300 would go while tethering? Also wondering, what type of phone would be the best value for tethering on Tmobile hspa while getting a very fast speed? Thanks

edit: I think I've narrowed it down to wanting a phone that can handle DC-HSPA+ but which phones offer this? Is there an easier way to find all the phones that support this other than googling them individually?
I'm not even worried about battery life, I just hook my phone up via USB cable to my laptop and it never runs outta battery and I tether the data over the usb cable, no need to actually use wifi or pay extra money to tmobile..