Never buy an lg phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got burned buy LG. I bought the optimus 4X HD. Was a great phone so I thought. 3 weeks in to owning the phone the screen turned half black half white. I contacted LG to have it replaced under warranty. TO MY SURPRISE, I was told by LG USA they couldn't help me because the phone was not meant to be sold in the USA, so I need to contact LG Global. I then was told by LG Global that because I live in the USA, only LG USA can help me. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a bad company. Their so bad they won't even warranty one of their phones. They would rather give their customers the run around. Well LESSON LEARNED. I WILL NEVER BUY OR RECOMMEND ANY PIECE OF DIRT LG PHONE EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks LG for burning your customers. Hope you don't mind me posting in every android forum I belong to, in order to warn potential new customers to STAY CLEAR OF ANYTHING TO DO WITH LG MOBILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


turbo drinker
Sorry to hear you've been having issues with the phone. Perhaps you could email both LG Global and LG USA and explain the problem and that you have been referred to both by each other? If you copy them in like this, you would have thought that they will see that you've contacted both of them and be able to cooperate?