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Never had an adriod phone before.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by sidecar_jon, Oct 28, 2010.

  1. sidecar_jon

    sidecar_jon Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Well i took the plunge and bought and Orange San fran. Bear in mind this is the third mobile phone ive ever owned, so im not even very knowledgeable about phones let alone one with "operating systems"... First impressions are very good, but i must say its rather complex. Orange fill sit up with things i dont want, like game demos, and which seem impossible to delete. The Wait time for Orange to get my data package going confused me it took three days to start but i assumed it was immediate and i was doing something wrong. I did get it to connect by WiFi however, but pretty much all the time worrying about what the data was costing me, as with no experience i thought it was doing it all over the ether.
    Android seems ok, Now me and out ten year old indulged in an orgy of App instalation, which seems all too easy!. So now i know where i am with GPS and where the stars are with google sky. However one thing i seem lacking is different rings tones for different calls...i need that! Can it be done am i missing something really obvious? ( i usually use MP3's ive clipped down)
    Oh and one of the justifying reasons fo rbuying it was to go Geocaching with our son, for now the free apps for that seem disappointing and difficult to use.

    And suggestion etc welcome, but i really am totally new to all this!

    What an idiot i even misspelled android at the top!...sorry!...oops.

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  2. master_yoda

    master_yoda Android Enthusiast

    Install Launcher Pro from the market and it will allow you to hide all the orange stuff you dont want. ;)
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  3. sidecar_jon

    sidecar_jon Lurker
    Thread Starter

    ah thanks a lot..

    Some more observations, The screen is nice but, and i have not much idea how exactly the screen works, but damp fingers or greasy fingers make it not work well, indeed the screen gets pretty filthy anyway. Signal strength seems low, my old clunky phone had a better range, here in Cornwall where coverage seems not all that great on any network. Its not improved even as Orange claim to share coverage with T-Mobile now.

    I found out how to assign ringtones!. You have to open the music app and tell it to use a MP3 as a ring tone then the MP3 shows up in the ring tone in the configeration menue... why its that hard is a mystery.
  4. sidecar_jon

    sidecar_jon Lurker
    Thread Starter

    the battery is odd, first day it ran down frighteningly fast, but seems to mature quite well over a few charges..
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  5. master_yoda

    master_yoda Android Enthusiast


    At home I have an average of 4 out of 4 signal bars on my HTC Desire but only get around 3 out of 4 average on the San Fran

  6. sidecar_jon

    sidecar_jon Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Yep the signal isn't very good at all really. Much worse than my old "normal" phone. (LG KS360).

    Yesterday i should the phone to an Iphone owning friend. She thought the screen just as good and was amazed by the free apps available. I think the Iphone screen is better myself.
  7. speedyg2012

    speedyg2012 Newbie

    The iphone 4 screen is the one that's the best available on a smartphone atm (960 X 640).

    That screen on a San Fran is 800 X 480, which is still pretty decent, esp. for the price.
  8. sidecar_jon

    sidecar_jon Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Yep my friend has the old iphone..much to her disgust...

    Latest up date it the WiFi on the sanfran going all flakey. Detecting the wifi but steadfastly refusing to connect. Eventually i enabled mac address filtering on the router (!) and entered the phones address, which for some reason let it connect...why i couldnt when it was open and it had before connected fine is a mystery.
  9. sidecar_jon

    sidecar_jon Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Seems its a well know fault, picks up wifi, right up till it "sleeps" then it steadfastly refuses to reconect to the very same wifi it formerly talked to with ease...rebooting the router seems the only way to "fix" it...
  10. master_yoda

    master_yoda Android Enthusiast

    Ive experienced this problem, but managed to get it to re-connect without rebooting the router/modem.

    I messed around with the phones settings, deleted the router from the saved list on the phone, searched for wi-fi signals and connected fresh when it found it again.
  11. sidecar_jon

    sidecar_jon Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Mine seems unfixble at the moment,ive tried fideling with settings and apps, even one called zte bladwifi fix.. nope nothing works. Let it sleepandit just wont pick the wifi back up after,not even if i tell it to forget and rescan.

    the question is what is going on? is it the phoneend or the router end?
  12. xene68

    xene68 Lurker

    The OSF is my first Android phone too - really like Android so far - not sure about the battery life yet but only had it a day so will see after a few charges.
    The wifi keeps disconnecting but have had no problems reconnecting it manually again, but still annoying.
    Installed Launcher pro - really good app with lots of customisation :)
  13. sidecar_jon

    sidecar_jon Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I installed launcher too .. played with it got confused (easily done) and installed it...it looks good but i dont know my way round ordinary Android let alone one i made up myself.

    I installed the Blade fix... now my phone easily gets WiFi once, sleeps and will probably get it again...up to four times .. then just wont again unless the router is rebooted. Which i find very odd indeed. My resoning is it must be something the router is doing, when rebooted it must flush something...
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  14. Nighthawk4

    Nighthawk4 Member

    Great idea - thanks.

    Looks much better without all the Orange rubbish :)

    Let's hope it's more stable than the Orange Homepage too.

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