Help Never heard of Diggro, is it any good?


Oct 22, 2015
Hi guys, I just came across a diggro smart watch when surfing on a deal site. Have you ever heard of diggro smart watch, is it any good?

I googled their official website and found out that they only sell smart watches/bands. Then I searched the brand on amazon. Found out that some of the products have a good rating (4.0 - 4.8).

So basically, it's a brand about wearables.
Why do I care about the brand?
- Coz I wanna know whether the brand and its official site are legit. I'm considering to buy a diggro di01 smart watch.
Any other inputs? Thanks in advance!
I just saw your post and I don't know if you've made a decision or not. Here's my input and remember: you asked for it!

It sounds like a cheap Chinese knock-off brand. Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. Yes, Chinese knock-offs are inexpensive and usually work for awhile... but understand that the smartwatch will very like NEVER get a security update or an operating system upgrade. Customer support after the sale (such as warranty work) will be non-existent. If you ARE able to get a warranty repair or replacement, by the time you've paid for shipping back and forth to China - which could take months - you've paid for the watch all over again.

We have this issue with cheap Android tablets. No updates and no customer service. You are better advised to stick with a well-known brand from a reputable seller.
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@Danggeeky I just took a look at the Diggro website you provided and I have to AGAIN warn you to avoid it like the plague. The watch is advertised as having Android 5.1 as its operating system. That ALONE should cause people to run the other way!

As a smartwatch, it should be running on Android Wear - not Android. Android Wear is a companion OS for wearables that uses Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) to connect to an Android phone. I can imagine that a phone running Android 6 (Marshmallow), trying to communicate with a watch running Android 5 (Lollipop), will have conflicts all over the place. And we're months away from the release of Android O... so your watch would fall further and further behind as phones get new OSs but it stays on 5.1.

Look on Swappa or other places online and try to find a Huawei Watch, Samsung Gear or other brand name smartwatch from a reputable seller. You will be so much better off spending the extra money up front to avoid a lot of disappointment later!
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I have a Diggro and it does connect to my S9 galaxy perfectly. I don't know if you all have a different one or defect. But the one I have is perfectly synced to all my fitness related apps perfectly without any technical issues.
Which one? Diggro does a whole range of smart-watches and bands. All cheapo though, so caveat emptor, and your private data maybe phoned home to servers in China, to be sold onto third-parties.
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Yes there good, matter of fact, very good for what it brings vs hundreds. All tech is made in China, the only difference is branding (LG, sony, Samsung etc.) That's where the hike in price goes to. The Driggo offers a lot for it not being a major brand well known. And it does 9/10 vs other Android watches especially price range. The Driggro D107 is the newest version. You can go take a look on YouTube for further reviews.
Well.. that and quality of components
And compliance with international laws
and taxes
and support
and software upgrades
and customer care
and warranties

Well of course lol. Anything you make comes with taxes. The extra ammenities go towards the rest. But then look at some of products well known. Not all customer care and software are created equal lol
But if you don't like it, don't buy it. No need to downtalk about a product you never tried bc its not a famous brand. You don't wanna buy it, cool. Go with Samsung, or the other high brands.

I have to ask mainly out of curiously, what's your interest in apparently trying to uptalk this product, i.e. Diggro.

Thing is I don't have to try this actual product, I'm in China and know just how crappy some of these cheapo things can be from hands-on and seeing them all the time.
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May be laughable, but some of these lower end products are indeed better on a scale in some ways.

Well price is about the only thing I can think of, and that's it. If a Diggro craps out early due to poor quality, you'll either be shipping it back to China at your expense and waiting, or throwing it away. Samsung or a Sony craps out, you've got local service, maybe upto two years warranty, and even replacement or repair while you wait.
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May be laughable, but some of these lower end products are indeed better on a scale in some ways.

And worse on others....

But any device is all about trade offs... And pretending they aren't is disingenuous.

Btw.. I haven't talked this product down... I don't think I've even mentioned it... I only corrected what you agreed was a laughable oversimplification in your previous post.

On the other hand there are some major security concerns with low cost smart watches and iot devices.

Whilst you would hope that big brands care about reputational damage, fly by night operations don't... So it's easier for them to vanish and pop up with a different name, than to build a solid reputation.

Caveat emptor indeed
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I recently bought an DIGGRO ENOCH S6 1.54 inch Touch Screen SOS GPRS Location Flashlight Camera Kids Game Children Smart Watch. After a factory reset command, this smart watch stopped working (to open or to charge).

So I can't recommend these products!

P.S. The official site is not working.