Never Used App (Voice Command) Eating Battery and Overheating


Anybody else experienced this weird problem?

I suddenly noticed that my phone was eating the battery at an alarming rate a while ago (around 20% in an hour) despite not doing anything. Also it was getting pretty warm at the same time. I checked the battery usage stats and top of the list was Voice Command at 64% which the system said had been running for 58 minutes. Now I have never used voice command since I had the phone so no idea why that should suddenly be showing up. I checked the task manager and it wasn't in there so just cleared the memory and hoped that would stop anything inadvertently running in the background.

The battery now seems to have stabilised again and I think has returned to normal. I did switch on Bluetooth for about half an hour just prior to this problem occurring but thats the only thing I can think of.

Should bluetooth have also shown up in the battery stats or is it included amongs something else in that list?

Any clues as to what has gone on here? I am very confused and a bit concerned that a program I have never used could suddenly be seeming to use up so much power!!


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if you double press home key it starts voice command - did you unintentionally do this perhaps?

i've switched mine off

under voice command settings there is also a "listen over bluetooth" setting ?/something to do with this?


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Not that I am aware of and the fact that Task Manager did not show it as running and it wasn't among the recently used apps list makes it even more confusing.

I have checked for that setting and removed the tick from it just in case.

Hoping this was just a weird one off things..