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New 2013 unlocked moto x's unlocked on ebay

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ridolun, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. ridolun

    ridolun Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I found this linked from another Android site and bit on it yesterday. I had been hoping Motorola would have a fire sale of their unused inventory (like google did with nexus 4) but it appears they sold them to a third party company(s) to resell for profit. Mine will be here in a week and I will post when it comes. It comes in black or white and costs $249.99

    Well...it won't let me post the link but if you do an eBay search on "new 2013 moto x unlocked oem" it will pop up first.

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  2. PapaGary

    PapaGary Newbie

    AH-HAH! Thank you. I just snagged one.
  3. ridolun

    ridolun Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I received mine yesterday - it took about a week. It was indeed brand new, never opened. The battery had no charge out of the box so probably stored in Motorola warehouse for months. No matter - the phone is awesome and at full charge the battery is strong. I couldn't be happier. I had been holding out for the second gen model but was disappointed by the bigger form factor. For anyone who wants the original Moto X, this is your last chance at a new one!
  4. telemike

    telemike Well-Known Member

    Ordering two now
  5. SamCarter

    SamCarter Newbie

    I was able to snag an unlocked developer edition from an ebay seller names MobilePros1 at the lowest price I've seen that seller sell it at ($229.99). The price is currently at $259.99.
  6. SamCarter

    SamCarter Newbie

    I was able to snag an unlocked developer edition from an ebay seller names MobilePros1 at the lowest price I've seen that seller sell it at ($229.99). The price is currently at $259.99.
  7. SamCarter

    SamCarter Newbie

    ah crud. Sorry about the double post...don't know how to delete here...or edit.
  8. ridolun

    ridolun Lurker
    Thread Starter

    That's the same seller I bought mine from. Looks like the same phone just with more storage and a deeper discount. Congratulations, it's a great phone!
  9. nightowl66

    nightowl66 Well-Known Member

    I was looking at these, I have a htc one m8 but don't like it. The phone says verizon on it, but it is GSM? I have verizon, will it work on their network since they are cdsm?
  10. Clementine_3

    Clementine_3 Extreme Android User
    VIP Member

    If you're looking at this one then yes, it's for Verizon. Really good price too, now I may have to get one as a back-up. LOL
  11. slick_vick

    slick_vick Newbie

    Yesterday on eBay I snagged a "NEW Motorola Moto X Developer Edition (Unlocked)" from seller blinq for $217.99. I was so excited that I had found such a deal that I just instantly clicked Buy It Now. Later, as I was reading the item description (lol), I noticed that it was listed as an XT1058, which I think should be the ATT version. However I've been searching the interwebs and I see no evidence of a XT1058 Developer Edition ever existing. A non-developer 32gb XT1058 exists, but not a Developer Edition it seems. In fact I came across an article which states that there are only two developer versions: XT1053 (GSM) and XT1060 (Verizon).

    So, does anyone know if a Developer Edition XT1058 actually exists? I'm wondering because I want to activate it on TMobile (which I should be able to anyway, but). Perhaps the seller meant to type in 1053 instead of 1058? Either way I guess I will find out when it arrives in a week or so (damn SurePost). Luckily the seller has a massive amount of positive feedback and accepts returns if there are any issues.

    Thanks in advance for any speculation :)

    EDIT: Argh, nevermind! I'm reading the description again and it says 16GB. However the title of the listing is 32gb Developer Edition. Hopefully they just copied over the description from and different listing and I will actually get a XT1053 Developer Edition. We shall see!
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  12. nightowl66

    nightowl66 Well-Known Member

    Which version of android does this phone come with? How is it compared to the HTC one m8?
  13. PapaGary

    PapaGary Newbie

    The XT1053 I received in October came with 4.4.2 and over the course of three days (left on without a SIM and WiFi on) it updated to 4.4.3 and then 4.4.4.

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