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[NEW][2016] Diamond Deluxe: Match 3 Puzzle

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by PLYPLA, Feb 25, 2016.


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    Diamond Deluxe: Match 3 Puzzle

    Download here, Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.plypla.DiamondDeluxeMatch3Puzzle

    Welcome to Diamond Deluxe: Match 3 Puzzle!
    This is another new arcade and classic Match 3 game, launch on Android app store for free.
    Your mission is to win all Diamond Deluxe, make full stars, and pass the levels and try to get all diamonds jewels lines and stars in each level.
    -Make all lines combination.
    -Match 3 or more identical jewels and diamonds in line.
    -Make the Diamond Deluxe down to last line to pass the level and try to colect all stars.
    -Eliminate the jewels and diamonds quickly and you can get extra bonus.

    - More than 250 nice levels;
    - 3 Worlds with cute characters;
    - 2 tipes of match 3 puzzle gameplay, arcade and classic;
    - Nice graphic elements and large diamonds and jewels on the screen, that helps you make easy match 3 lines;
    - Nice sound effects and visual when you make match 3;
    - Special Jewel can extend the playing time and get extra bonus;
    - The lightning Jewel can eliminate many diamonds and jewels in one row.
    - Chained jewel,you can eliminate the jewels around to unlock it and you can make match 3.
    - Frozen jewel or diamonds, you can eliminate the jewels or diamonds around to release it.

    Size, just 26Mb.

    Have fun!
    Plypla Games



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    P.S. I have two choices of icons, with Some differences, and I want to ask you, which one is better?
    Thank you!

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