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New and looked

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Saniflush, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. Saniflush

    Saniflush Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Ok. so I called myself looking/searching for this information. Want to get a larger SD card in lieu of the 2gb that came with it. Does type matter? Any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance.

  2. nick325i

    nick325i Android Enthusiast

    If you're going to go for it get a 16GB class 6 card.

    Speed ratings on cards:
    • Class 2: 2 MByte/s - 13x
    • Class 4: 4 MByte/s - 26x
    • Class 6: 6 MByte/s - 40x
    Just don't buy some crappy brand and you should be good.

    SanDisk, Kingston, Transcend and PNY.
  3. oldjackbob

    oldjackbob Member

    Hi Nick, new user here...

    My question is this -- why would anyone need anything faster than a class 2 card, since the best data download rate my phone can achieve (at least according to my observations, using a fast wifi connection) is slightly under 2Mb/s?

    Thanks in advance.
  4. flammenwurfer

    flammenwurfer Well-Known Member

    Because it will be faster reading data from the sd card as well as writing to it. Some apps read and write to the sd card, so a faster card will make those apps a little quicker. Also, transferring files between your sd card and a computer will be faster.
  5. Eaglesfan9106

    Eaglesfan9106 Android Enthusiast

    How can you tell if ur sd card is a class six I have the 2gb one it came with what is that ?
  6. kennyidaho

    kennyidaho Android Enthusiast

    Journal 01/08/10

    Well it's a new year, eight days into the new year in fact. I still can't leave this place, it's getting cold and I am hungry. There is still some bread but the mold spreads more each day. The hours don't seem so long now as they used to; but I am really starting to miss my friends and family. Sometimes I even close my eyes for a few moments and try to guess the percentage complete on the data transfer; sometimes when I open them I swear I see Sue sitting in the rocking chair. It's always troubling when I find out it was a figment of my imagination. In roughly another 20 minutes it will be day 21 of the data transfer. I found a somewhat sharp piece of plastic. I have been working it on the desk and it's getting sharper; I might try it tonight......
  7. BOO5TED

    BOO5TED Android Enthusiast

    Noooo Kenny!!!!! Don't do it!!!!!!!!!! :D
  8. Saniflush

    Saniflush Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the info Nick. Planning on going 16gb. Define " a crappy brand" please. (or rather define some good brands for me)
  9. cc82

    cc82 Newbie

    I have this one and have been happy with it, although it was $20 cheaper when I bought it in October, and looks like it's currently sold out at Amazon...

    Amazon.com: Transcend 16 GB microSDHC Class 6 Flash Memory Card TS16GUSDHC6E [Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging]: Electronics

    I'd check Newegg.com and other sources to find a good deal.
    Definitely go w/ a Class 6, especially if Android eventually is updated to allow full apps to be stored on the SD card, as was hinted at during the Nexus One press conference, as I'd imagine programs will run faster w/ a faster card (don't know this for sure though).
  10. flammenwurfer

    flammenwurfer Well-Known Member

    I bought a TOPRAM 16gb Class 6 card on Buy.com It was enough cheaper than the Sandisk and Kingston brands that I decided to give it a try. It had good reviews on the site, so we'll see. It's working great so far.
  11. nick325i

    nick325i Android Enthusiast

    Pure Awesome

    Faster card = faser data.

    I believe the stock card is class 4.
  12. thefley

    thefley Android Enthusiast

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