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Discussion in 'Android Help' started by EloyEV, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. EloyEV

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    I have a question.
    There is an ad that keeps popping up on my homescreen no matter what i am doing at the time liks if i play a game or watch a video even when my phone is on standbye the ad pops up and makes noise from for instance the video that it is playing its super anoying it will pop up every 5 minutes or so i read a lot of forums but there seems to be no solution for this ad i tried stop airpush apps i tried security and clean apps my phone is the galaxy s6 edge and it has the newest android on it so if i click on the ad to see what created it.. it tells me google ads created the ad but i do not no how to disable or get rid of it.

    Sorry for my bad english Screenshot_20160330-171641.png Screenshot_20160330-171641.png

    Eloy Evers


  2. redjama

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  3. EloyEV

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    Redjama thanks for the reply but thats not the solution i already tried alot of apps including yours. anti malware, ad blockers and airpush detectors non of these apps made a difference or could find the problem so im left with an add thats keeps anoying me more and more
  4. girolez

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  5. miltonatsu

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    i do have the same problem. ad keeps popping up almost everywhere u just name it. "homescreen, while playing games, while watching videos, brwsing galary". how can i fix it?
    its so annoying

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  6. ThePhizzle

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    http://adfree.odiousapps.com I can confirm that it work since I use it as well for the same problem,downloaded an apk from google play and it was carrying push ad ware,ads so bad that thay even poped up on launcher home screen,long non skippable ads,this apk cleared that problem right out.
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