I bought Goophone i5c. It has android 4.2.2 with weird ios7 theme. This has also weird programs like baidu browser (censored Google Chrome) and another that we can't delete. When I installed some games my device started to lag and restart from time to time (then Apple logo appears). I thought that that's because weirds programs like Clock or Calendar (animated, like on real iPhone), so i decided to delete them. I tried to delete it by File Manger, I deleted baidu browser apk, but nothing happened, so I installed one Root Explorer program, but that needed root, so I deleted this. I rooted my device by Kingo Root. After rooting it was ok, but when I installed Root Explorer and disabled (not deleted!) baidu browser, Calculator and kukool(?) lockscreen it started reseting all the time giving me only about 1 second to do anything on phone, so I couldn't do anything. I could only wait, when it discharged... But then it goes worst! Now only Apple logo appears and from time to time it vibrates like going to turn on the device, but nothing appeared. I removed battery, did factory reset, wiped user data and nothing!

How can I install normal android on it or restore the old one?

But I would prefer to install " new" android on it.

PS: I can also remove SD card.
Like most of these "cheap and almost the same" Chinese phones, this one totally lacks any technical data that's available to the public. Since it doesn't even claim to be a clone of this or that phone, your chance of finding an OS to install on it probably runs from extremely slim to less than none. (A company that uses the Apple logo, most likely without permission, since that's supposed to be indicated and it's not, can't be expected to worry too much about the niceties of life, unless they're negotiable.)

About all you can do is keep searching goophone i5c and hope you find someone who has experimented with the firmware and knows how to flash something to it (and has something to flash to it).
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