Feb 24, 2016
There are three emails on this android phone in the Email app.

The one that is currently set as default is the gmail one, (but it is not receiving emails - it can send them)...

We want one of the other email addresses - not gmail - to be the default email on the phone.

There are tutorials and guides all over the internet that show a "default" field with a checkbox in the settings that can be tapped on/off, but this does not exist in this phone. The interface does not have the same menus/interfaces as the videos on YouTube from a year or two ago, which look like they would make more sense.

(Probably just an earlier software version?)

Two questions:
1) Can the default email address (which I believe means the email address by which the phone will send emails by default) be changed?
2) If so, how do you change it on a current Android phone? This phone was purchased this month.
Not familiar with your phone but most are similar. You should be able to to open your email app and open one to edit. The default/gmail account is the one to target. When the settings are open for that email run you should have the option somewhere within to deselect it as the default email app. It will be in a menu where you can manage the time frame which it uses for mail runs, the size of emails, etc.
Once you have chosen for it to no longer be the default, save those changes and then open the mail run you are wanting to be the default and mark it as such. I hope this helps.
Thank you for your response. However, this option is not shown in the settings for a given email address.

I want to be clear we are not trying to use another "app" to read/use email accounts. At this time, we are within what I believe is the default "Email" app.

From "Mailbox", I tap the Gmail email address from the list of four emails (it is 4, not 3). This one is also marked in red.. (why?) ... I tap "more" in top right corner, then "Settings". Here, it says "Email Settings" at the top and again lists all 4 emails, with the gmail saying "(default)" in parentheses. Tapping the Gmail in the list again (this time it is not red, but this is a settings menu), it has the following options, none of which seem to say anything about a default email, though I have seen youtube videos that show such a field that can be tapped, and it looks the same in the other emails' settings, as well:

Sync Account (on)

[Account Settings menu header]

Account name
(gmail address)

Your Name
(His Name)

Always Cc/Bcc myself


Show Images

Auto Download Attachments

[Sync settings menu header]

Sync schedule

Period to sync Email

Limit retrieval size

Limit Retrieval Size when roaming

[Advanced Settings menu header]

Security options

Incoming Server settings

Outgoing server settings

If we could navigate to wherever that "default email" checkbox may be, I think we'll be set, but there is no sign of it. Finding it seems to be the problem right now.

Does anyone know where to find that default email checkbox?
Have you accessed the obvious options to see if they hold a sub menu? Perhaps you might need to go through the server settings and see if at the end of it's menu there is a "set as default" option. I would think it's in there somewhere.