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New Android Phones (That aren't 4g) ?

Discussion in 'Sprint' started by jen8112, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. jen8112

    jen8112 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    So I was really looking forward to getting the Blackberry Torch but it looks like it's not coming to Sprint. I just got my hubby the Motorola i1 and after playing with it I realized I miss Andriod (still don't miss my Moment though) ;).
    It's been awhile since I was on this forum so I was wondering if there are any new Android phones coming out? My upgrade is in Nov and I would prefer a non 4g phone because I don't want to pay an extra $10 a month for something I can't use. Thanks!

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  2. SoulTerror

    SoulTerror Android Enthusiast

    I think the Samsung Intercept is the only non 4G phone.
  3. Rigmaster

    Rigmaster Android Expert

    Any Android phone that isn't Sprint won't be 4G. The only Sprint options will be Palm Pixi, Samsung Moment/Intercept, BB 9650 and BB Curve, Motorola i1, HTC Hero, and HTC TP2. Not a great selection, but I think that's by design.

    The smart business decision by Sprint would be to continue to release and offer more 4G phones as it's necessary to build more subscriber mass in order to support buildout. The logical downside would likely be that plans would simply reflect a price increase rather than a separate 4G charge.

    Might see some non-4G releases for WPS7 phones, but who knows.
  4. jen8112

    jen8112 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    That's what I was worried about, that Sprint wouldn't be releasing any Android phones that aren't 4g. I really like the i1 because it is small and the EVO looks kinda big. But if I get the i1 I'd have to add DC and would have to pay an extra $5 a month for that. IDK what to do. Hopefully something good comes out before November. ;)
  5. sbrar8

    sbrar8 Lurker

    I'm in the same situation as you. I'm too cheap to pay $10 a month especially cause i don't even have 4G in my area. I think the HTC Legend (Hero2) might be coming and it's not 4G.

    I need a new phone by the end of the month so I might just have to go with the "old" Hero :(
  6. Rigmaster

    Rigmaster Android Expert

    If you want to wait to see if other phones will release, buy a used phone and then resell it again. Some of the older phones like Hero will not be upgraded beyond Android 2.1 if that matters to you.
  7. gmcdaniel

    gmcdaniel Newbie

    I used to have the BB8350i (Nextel) and my wife still does. If I'm not mistaking, if you don't want the PTT, you don't have to get it and pay the $5 a month for it. But it's pointless to get the i1 if your not gonna use the PTT. Just MHO. Also, the i1 uses the IDEN network which is very old and slow. Don't count on Sprint updating it either. Now onto the 4G issue. I believe I read somewhere when the EVO was first coming out that if you were not in an area that had 4G service or if you were and did not want to use it you wouldn't have to pay the extra $10 a month. This all may be bogus, but this is what I seem to remember. A call to Sprint CS might be worth it to find out for sure, just don't let them talk you into anything.
  8. jen8112

    jen8112 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Your right, I could not have the PTT and they wouldn't charge it to my account. My husband has an i1 and I was impressed with the speed seeing how it's on Iden and only has 1.5. I'm not sure about not having 4g and not having to pay the $10. I think people have tried that with no avail. Also the reason I like the i1 over the EVO is the size. The i1 is very manageable for my girly hands and the EVO looks like it would be too big. I know most people like the huge screen but it's not on my list of needs. ;)
  9. cbanks

    cbanks Newbie

    Aren't a lot of us in the same boat? It ain't being "cheap" because Sprint's 4G service isn't worth $10! I've played with 4G EVOs in 4 different locations and, with one exception, the performance boost is barely noticeable, if noticeable at all, and the 4G keeps dropping down to 3G constantly even though I'm not moving (the darn phones are wired to the table :D).

    It's even worse than $10 in my case because I have the 450 minutes + the data plan and they'd force me to upgrade to the $69.99 everything data plan. I don't text. I don't give a rip about Sprint TV or Sprint Navigation.

    Sprint's mid-tier Andorid phones just suck raw eggs!

    Speaking of overcharging, Sprint is gouging customers on their new Samsung Epic at $249.99. It's the most expensive Android phone on the market by 25%! The EVO is a decent choice but they haven't been able to stock them in months and there's no end in sight to the shortage. My local Best Buy says the waiting list is 3-6 weeks and they don't even have confidence in getting them that quick.

    Sprint's a complete mess and they're jacking up their prices like they were Verizon or something with a full range of decent phones in stock and one of the best networks in the business. In their dreams!

    My contract's up October 1 and I'm slowly talking myself into bailing for Verizon. Sprint's not only incompetent in stocking decent phones they don't give a rip about informing their customer when things will get better. Probably because the clowns don't plan on making things better! :eek:

    Sorry for the rant but I'm so frustrated with Sprint of late I'm really torqued.
  10. cbanks

    cbanks Newbie

    If you want a decent 3G Android phone bail to Verizon. I'm seriously weighing the option myself. Of course, the obvious comeback is Verizon is really expensive. It's true if you compare a Sprint everything plan to similar options at Verizon. However, if you're like me and you don't, Verizon can be cheaper and offers a far better network than Sprint's.

    I have a friend who switched from Sprint to Verizon and picked up an LG Ally for $29. It's a really nice mid-tier Android phone. Better than any of the mid-tier Android junk Sprint sells.

    Another option is T-Mobile. They have the Samsung Vibrant which is basically the Sprint Epic without the 4G and keyboard for $50 less. My only caution with T-Mobile is make sure their 3G network is competitive in your area. It is in mine; however, I get a 15% discount with Verizon so it's the better deal.

    Good luck!
  11. Rigmaster

    Rigmaster Android Expert

    Sprint's not for everyone. I think they've made their strategy pretty clear. Low-cost options are and will be limited. Mid-priced options will be limited, but the choices aren't likely to change often once Sprint sets it's mid-price lineup. Higher-end is where Sprint will focus.

    Sprint's plan prices are higher than before, but they're still cheaper than other carrier options if compared in like terms. If there's no major coverage difference, Sprint's cheaper with almost all it's plans and will be for the foreseeable future.

    Sprint's trying to change things, and some of those changes aren't necessarily going to benefit all customers. However though disappointing, it's hard to hold Sprint accountable for moving forward if they don't. People get bent out of shape with MSFT or Apple moves ahead or when cable/satellite providers make changes, but those changes reflect where the companies think they need to be in the future.

    Again, I wish Sprint would offer some type of loyalty-driven transition options (eg. waived $10 for anyone with Sprint longer than 10 years, and reduced by $1 for every year for years 2-9 with Sprint - everyone else should be on an existing contract/agreement), but that would probably have introduced more confusion.

    That said, it's in everyone mobile customers' interest that Sprint and TMo succeed and survive. If you think prices are high now, imagine it without Sprint and TMo as options.
  12. jen8112

    jen8112 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I had Verizon before and hated it. Also we have 3 Sprint phones so that would be 3 ETF's and my husbands is Nextel so Verizon couldn't help us there either. I'm staying with Sprint, just annoyed that they have limited options for Androids without 4g.
  13. cbanks

    cbanks Newbie

    I just had a very close friend switch from Sprint to Verizon. She picked up an LG Ally for $29 and I think she told me Verizon cut her a better deal. She's got FIOS so it might have something to do about bundling services.

    In my case, Verizon is a lot cheaper than Sprint. I have the 450 minutes + the data plan. You can't buy a decent new phone from Sprint and not be forced to 4G upcharges: minimum plan of $69.99 + $10 surcharge. That's $15 more per month than Verizon will charge me! To add insult to injury, Sprint's charging more than anyone else in the business for an Andorid phone.

    Some value. Verizon will offer a 450 minute + unlimited data plan for basically the same price as Sprint. However, the kicker is the 3G Android phones Sprint offers like the Moment and Intercept aren't much and can't hold a candle to the Droid 2, Droid X, HTC Incredible and soon to be released Samsung Fascinate which Verizon will sell to me for $199 (maybe less as a new customer). Well, the Fascinate's price isn't released but only Sprint, thus far, has gouged customers on a Galaxy S so I'm sticking my neck out. :rolleyes:

    Obviously, mileage will vary because people get different discounts for various reasons but Sprint's assuming their not-ready-for-prime-time 4G network brings them up on par with the big guns: AT&T and Verizon. I've got bad news for them.

    I don't know about AT&T but Sprint management needs to compare their coverage map with Verizon's and ponder the fact soon their LTE will be likely a better option. Pissed off customers like me who flee them won't be coming back. I can assure you of that.

    I've put up with a 2nd-rate network from Sprint for many years and eaten a lot of crow from Verizon customers getting signal when I couldn't. Frankly, because like the person who started this thread I'm "cheap." Sprint's taken away all the cost incentives for me to stay.
  14. cbanks

    cbanks Newbie

    I guess different markets have different experiences. Here in Richmond I literally know nobody personally still on Sprint. AT&T is fairly popular for obvious reasons but I'm not considering them, not being an Apple fanboy. The vast majority of people I know are Verizon customers and I've yet to meet one - again I'm talking about people I personally know - who isn't happy with them. In fact, I code systems where I work that use Verizon wireless modems and I've had to benchmark performance. It's quite good.

    To be frank, I'd like to stay with Sprint but I've rarely been so frustrated in my life with their chronic phone shortages and complete lack of customer respect in dealing with them. They really don't seem to care from corporate down to their store sales staff.

    Their WiMax 4G might pan out one day. I might even bite the bullet and play the sucker to pay all the extra charges just to hope it gets better. However, the phone shortage and overcharging for the Epic are pretty much the final straws for me.

    Good luck with whatever you choose!
  15. kristv

    kristv Well-Known Member

    I think the advantage that Sprint has for some of us (myself included) is that their family packages tend to work out cheaper, especially when it comes to the unlimited data part. I've done the math over and over between the 4 major carriers (Sprint, AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile) and Sprint beats the rest by at least $30/mo....and that's including the $10 4G charge for me and my wife! It is a shame that they don't have any decent mid-range phones to choose from though. I don't know that it's necessarily Sprint's fault (entirely, anyway). I think they have tried with Samsung and HTC, but haven't had much success with either manufacturer when it comes to the $50-150 phones.
  16. BenChase7

    BenChase7 Android Expert

    Thank God. now go troll somewhere else. All of your posts are the same, BS, lies and garbage as the last one. seriously... i just read your prior posts... stop trolling.
  17. sarspants

    sarspants Well-Known Member

    Sprint needs to step it up with Android phones, 4G or not. I'm due for an upgrade in the end of November. The Evo will be 5 months old and the only other option is the Epic 4G and I don't want a keyboard. Don't let me down, Sprint!!!

    All I've seen from Sprint is the Hero, Moment, Intercept, Evo, and Epic (pending). Verizon has Droid, Droid 2, Droid X, Incredible, Eris, Devour, and Ally. I think they also have plenty of plans to add more.
  18. BenChase7

    BenChase7 Android Expert

    I hear what your sayin. And from that list you mention there are 3 good ones (Hero, Epic and EVO). On the other hand, even though Vzw may have more... they all just seem so redundant.
  19. Puddin422

    Puddin422 Android Expert

    How is it cheaper? The data plan at Verizon that is required for these phones is $30/mo. It's $90/mo total for 450 min plus data. It's $70 for the same plan at Sprint. Add in the $10 premium data charge, and it's $80.
  20. BenChase7

    BenChase7 Android Expert

    Exactly.. and it does not include as many features as Sprint.
  21. daddyd302

    daddyd302 Android Enthusiast

    Oh nice job of deceiving people with this BS claim. Verizon's 450 is 450 minutes to everyone, landlines or cell phones...... Except it free to their other customers of course, but all carriers have that. Sprint's 450 is 450 minutes is to landlines, but unlimited to all cell phones in the U.S. Nice job of comparing apples to oranges.

    Let's not forget Verizon charge $5 for visual voicemail when Sprint and even AT&T, gives it out for free. People are really stupid if they think Verizon's 450 is the same as Sprint's 450 plan.
  22. BenChase7

    BenChase7 Android Expert

    Percisely... I love it when people try to compare Sprint plans to the others. There is really no comparison. The others will nickel and dime you... Sprint simply gives you access to everything.
  23. Puddin422

    Puddin422 Android Expert

    Verizon is also NOT unlimited data. (but claim it "basically" is unlimited)
  24. cbanks

    cbanks Newbie

    Name one lie.
  25. cbanks

    cbanks Newbie

    How you missed "In my case" I don't know. But I don't appreciate being accused of being a troll or a liar or stupid because you rush off to flame me before you bother to think about what I'm really saying.

    One thing I didn't bother to mention is Sprint's night and weekends. It starts a 7 PM instead of 9 PM. Did I lie, troll, deceive, or am I stupid for not mentioning it? Hardly. My posts are long enough without me going into every single detail. However, let me educate you here. That's the only feature in the 450 minute plan Sprint offers that'll I'm miss if I leave them. As it stands now, the Verizon plan looks like it fits my calling patterns.

    I have never used video voicemail. I have no interest in video voicemail. If that feature is important to you then speak up and say in your case its a reason to stick with Sprint.

    One reason Verizon can get away with charging more for their network - though in my case I can get the same plan for the same price as Sprint based upon my needs - is because they have a stronger network, something left unmentioned by you. Note, I won't flame you for the omission. Depending on where you live or travel, it's no big deal. Heck, Sprint might be better in your market. However, I can honestly say I've been in many situations where I couldn't get decent signal from Sprint that Verizon buddies can.
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