New Android User

Hey everyone, I'm new around these parts. Been a BB user for over 3 years and I finally decided to jump ship (sorta) to Andriod. I bought a Droid Incredible after my wife bought one, It's a great device and I am pleased with it. I was an original iPhone owner but I didn't like it's limitations so I unlocked it and sold it to some dude in Indonesia for twice what I paid way back in the day. Since then I have been a BB user and to be quite honest I still am using my Bold 9650, I just can't seem to let it go just yet. So yes, I am rocking two smartphones at the moment, I'm sure I will eventually end up putting the BB in a drawer and use it as a backup device.

As far as Android goes, It's a great platform! IMHO I think it's better than iOS, I can't stand the thought of Steve Jobs telling me what I can and can't do/install.

I've already downloaded a ton of apps but have been stumped by the lack of one, a screen capture. Someone please point me in the direction of a decent screen capture app, paid or free.

I love you all