Help New Androidian...few usability questions


First of all this is my first post so sorry if I end up asking a host of stupid questions. I'm based in the UK and have just taken delivery of a Samsung Galaxy S2.

My first impressions are all fairly positive, the screen is amazing, the touch screen works well, it's mega thin, light etc etc.

However I'm coming from 5 years of using Blackberrys and there are a few things I'm struggling with, I'm hoping I'm missing something or there are apps that can help.

  • Email - Is it possible to have the number of unread emails show on the Gmail or Email shortcut icons?
  • Email - Is it possible to have a better notification other than just a tiny symbol in the top left hand corner?
  • Email - I don't think the G2 has an LED for notification, due to this is the only way to look at the phone every 5 mins?
  • Spell Check??? There doesn't seem to be the option to spell check message before sending.
  • Google Search Bar - As I'm based in the UK is it possible to change the default search from to

I think there will be more issues but these are my first major concerns.



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Another issue...

When you take a photo I think it's nice to take it at the best resolution but on my Blackberry when I come to send a photo to someone I could change the quality. Is this possible on this phone???


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In order,

Not on the shortcut, but in the dock at the bottom yes, if you change the dock icons. Very easy to do with launcher pro, once installed just long press the dick icon to change and follow shortcut menu.

2&3, Theres an app for that ;) look for noled in market.

Spell check, is typically fine from the language dictionary, but I've not seen an "MS Word" type of spell checker, but then I've not been looking.

Google uk, again not tried, simply because I dont use it.

I'm sure others can fill in some of the blanks.


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I relation to spell check - I don't think it is available on the stock messaging app but try "handcent" from the market - It is, imo, a better messaging app and has spell check facility -also it is free! :D

I would also recommend "swiftkey" for a better keyboard which auto corrects your typing very effectivley - Unfortunaltely not free but you get a trial period to see if you like it.

Enjoy you new phone and android.


For unread emails there is a widget in the market called 'Gmail Unread Count'
Gmail Unread Count - Android

As was mentioned above there is NoLED for having better notifications:
NoLED - Android

For sending pictures, they will automatically be resized for MMS. For emailing, i think you'd need to use a photo editor to resize.

And i agree swiftkey is brilliant for auto correcting and for predicting what you're going to type next.

I also came from a Blackberry (and i ain't never going back!) :)


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I would love to know why the spell checker doesn't work in the email app, i think it's a bug and i'm sure they'll fix it soon


I find if I use the built in microphone I don't have to worry about spelling or typing :)

Congrats on you new phone, Btw. I am new to Android too, in fact, I never really had a smart phone before other than a Nokia N95. Was that considered a smart phone?