Jul 18, 2021
Hello everyone!

We've just launched Cash Piggy! It's a fun game where you can actually redeem game coins for real money! This is the perfect hipercasual game to play when you're bored on a queue, or waiting someone, and people can actually get some easy money from it!

It's currently released as a testing version, and has over 100 downloads. We're looking for more testers to join this early stage App so we can get as much feedback as possible before the big release!

Download from Google Play
Thanks for developing a new Game. I will definitely try it. How much time and effort it took for completing the game development?
To finish the first version took us around 2 weeks. After that a couple more weeks were necessary for adding leaderboards, achievements, payment methods and other game features. This is still released in open testing, and we are still improving the game, but overall it took less than 6 weeks as it is a relatively simple game! Thanks for being interested!
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