New App: Clueless? Murder Detective Game (Version 1.0)

App Update

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New version has been released

A few things have changed since the first release, including the title. On google play it is listed as: "Clue Mystery, murder detective board game" and it is now possible to be any of the characters and freely select your bot opponents from the mix.


'Clue Mystery' is a single player adaptation of the classic detective game Cluedo or Clue that tries to stay true to the mood and gameplay of the old board game.

Preview clip

  • the classic suspects, weapons and rooms
  • single play against 2-5 bots
  • a notepad that apart from the usual symbols also comes with a numbering system for advanced players
  • opponents that make sophisticated choices and deductions based on AI
  • addictive gameplay if you like logic puzzles
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  • Version: 1.2