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New App Request!

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by Longbow1, Sep 21, 2017.

  1. Longbow1

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    Sep 21, 2017

    Sep 21, 2017

    PROBLEM: Your phone starts making strange alert sounds you've never heard before, there is no notification information displayed with the sound, and you have NO idea which app is causing this! You can't stop this sound and it is driving you crazy. Blindly uninstalling apps and/or turning off all notifications hasn't stopped the mystery tones and you can't keep your phone on mute for fear of missing important notifications you do need to hear.

    APP TO SOLVE: "Sound Logger" - Someone please create an app that will simply create a log of every sound the phone makes, with a date and time (most recent at the top), and the name of which app sent the sound to the speaker! EXAMPLE:​
    09/21/17 - 10:17 - sound name or audio file name if available - NAME OF APP that sent sound to speaker - MUTE

    An app like this that simply displayed a text file of this information would be very valuable, but if someone wanted to really make it more valuable and more useful, make the name of the app displayed a hyperlink that when selected would open the offending app, and/or make a functional column after the name of the app with a MUTE button that when selected would permanantly mute all sounds from the offending app, or block that audio file from being sent to the speaker again, from ANY app.

    Someone, PLEASE create a new app that will do this! I've searched everywhere I can think of to find an app to do this, but so far no luck, so I thought I'd post a request here.​


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