New at Old


Hey guys! Thanks for viewing my thread. I am new to SE world; used to iphones and now changed to SE.
I have few questions and would appreciate a lot if someone be able to help.

Recently I bought a x10 mini from him and extremely confused if it's a mini pro, or just mini. Any idea how to tell the differences?

Second question is, since I bought a used phone, are there anything I should do first? because I would like to use it like a new phone. Please let me know the pro and cons

Third question is I am currently living in US using T-mobile, what data plan would allow me to access the phone like a internet phone? Not a big fan of wifi on phones.


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The pro has a slide out keyboard.

I'm in the UK so not sure about data plans, guess it depends how much surfing you are going to do.


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usually we prefer using our phone on wifi lol since data plan are sometimes "expensive" for what they are
but what's your current data plan?