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New At&t data pricing plans

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by talksinmaths, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. talksinmaths

    talksinmaths Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hi all

    I have not heard anything about the data plan restructuring except in the context of iphones. Is it for all phones At&t considers smartphones too? What about the unlimited data for dumbphones? Will this continue to exist?

    I am currently on the dumbphone plan, but worry that if they find out after monday, there will not be an unlimited plan for me to join. What do you think?

  2. ap3604

    ap3604 Android Enthusiast

    Get unlimited plan while they still have it... Then figure out later on if you want to switch.

    Options are always good to have :)
  3. BreatheElectro

    BreatheElectro Well-Known Member

    Just for the Iphone and Ipad and any other smartphone!

    AT&T Announces New Lower-Priced Wireless Data Plans to Make Mobile Internet More Affordable to More People

    AT&T*, the U.S. smartphone leader, today introduced new wireless data plans that make it more affordable for more people to enjoy the benefits of the mobile Internet. Customers can pick the new data plan that best meets their needs
  4. Mostly Harmless

    Mostly Harmless Android Expert

    I created a thread a while ago about switching over to the dumb phone unlimited data plan and wound up saving a bunch of money. In my defense I called AT&T and told them my situation with the phone and the CSR told me that having that plan was ok with my phone.

    Like yourself, I worried about what would happen in the future if they decided to put me on a smart phone plan once I read about AT&T restructuring their data plans. I decided to get back on the unlimited smartphone plan that I originally had with my iphone.

    The big reason is because since owning the N1 my data usage has quadrupled! I averaged 300MB a month with my iPhone 3G and my last bill with the N1 showed that I used 1.2 GBs worth of data. Even though I am within the 2.0GBs of data for $25 (I pay $30 now for unlimited) with froyo on the horizon and the ability to tether I see my data usage going up and may even break 2.0GBs. I am hoping that I will be able to purchase an Android tablet and tether it to my N1 (this would rock my world). I rather pay a little extra now then a lot more later on. I don't look forward to the day that I have to monitor my data usage.
  5. Snow_Fox

    Snow_Fox Android Expert

    I am hoping to get on the 10$ data plan now.. so when I get my n1 I can keep it..

    However, yeah.. from what I'm reading.. iphone users are probably gunna be hit hardest.. lets face it.. its a phone designed to be a gas.. err data guzzler..
  6. Schwin97

    Schwin97 Well-Known Member

    Just paid last months bill on AT&T, and my data usage was at 6Gb. This month I am currently just over 5Gb and still have 10 days left for the month. I will not be changing my data plan anytime in the near future (read EVER)...
  7. nb_mitch

    nb_mitch Android Enthusiast

    While the plan is a little fuzzy, it really looks like if you can keep your device on a Wi-Fi network most of the time, you can get by with the $15/plan. I have W-Fi at home and office, 99% of my usage. I believe this billing change can be a good thing.

  8. surin

    surin Newbie

    i could probably get by with the $15 plan but i don't want to give up my unlimited data..

    usually i'm either at home or at work, at work i'm not supposed to use my phone but i do anyway and there isn't a reliable wifi network available to me.

    i don't use a ton, but it's always usually towards a gb of data, and saving 5 bucks isn't worth it.. however i also never really use wifi because i do pay for my unlimited data lol
  9. Snow_Fox

    Snow_Fox Android Expert

    I love how at&t is consistantly messing over its own customers..

    "Hi sign up for 30$ a month unlimited data to get this phone!"

    "sure ok!"

    "one more thing so that you DON'T have to use that unlimited data we enabled wifi so that you can pay for internet at home as well and get better speeds there!"

    "wait aren't I paying 30$ for unlimited data? why should I bother with wifi!"

    "because our network will crash if everyone uses their unlimited data!"

    "your problem not mine!"

    "well.. we no longer have 30$ unlimited anyway, so now your limtied to 2 gigs.. your paying almost what you were before.. but, you now have a limit.. so use your wifi.."

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